Tuesday, August 7th

What subject in school do you wish you had payed more attention to?  You wouldn't believe the top answer..

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A lot of folks out there are upset about some of the stuff they didn't pay attention to while they were in school like all of them know our best is she ill. Most people says there's one subject that they wish they tried harder and are. It wasn't art either. What do you think truthfully most people wish they had paid more attention to school history for Maine okay hiding business business. Home economics. All right no one got to give you are the close is your answer came in number for really the number one thing people wish they had paid more attention to in school was math. Now 31% of people said they wished it paid more attention and a lot of people said it was the most useful class states really yeah. Al Jaber. And that's mass. Calculate the us do you even take calculus is snow what an Obama thinks general math 12 and three you know useful for a lot of thank that's how you're supposed to be able to figure out your sales that polls and I use this figure out your tip on the bill there's apps for that we'll sure there are now because Smart people who paid attention in school wrote them for you -- romance that makes a difference does it does teach you how to balance judging books instead of for the bank and stuff like dampened the algebra and calculus and cumulus. Cumulus is not that it now. It's platinum. A foreign language and 46% said they'd wish they paid more attention here's the problem when that. You can pay all the attention you wanted to if you didn't use it after you left that class you still gonna forget it went on they're learning. A lot of that stuff like Spanish it's up like that they won't remember it. I wanted to learn French. I wanted to take French they would let me in high school really gather alas I you have to have a honors English states take French model that's never gonna act and we movies so they what did you learn English first before you travelers friends that's not gonna happening otherwise you'd have to have written it for us I thought I stick those sentences I don't have a dies six instances and free. I think you navy Nixon that subjects in Wi fi whose husband who are right science was thirds of the nonpartisan for a day. Fourth was history that was anatomy by the way hours on the fifth was English -- Six was social studies musical is a next on the list and then physical fitness was the lowest line. They sit older people were more likely to say history and young people said they wished they paid more attention to music or Jim. We don't need Venus definitely iGoogle. And Panama and vigor that's not just Google it. There's some truth to that let's tell you got to know how to use it after you Google that are unique didn't know enough to ask the right questions I'm Google it read it and then forget it it's just look at the language yet pet pet and a half that's it you I would say to like computer classes and stuff like that area. I think that would be beneficial. Not really I took those classes it was mostly about programming and you don't want that issue I know you've been known to anyone because I can't do it today include I have to do after all when I mean some computers and you don't even though you're talking about programming is where you write the computer programs. But also using computers general its -- on computer 12 injury that he's just I like it teach you how to open a FaceBook page cannot download music teacher and a back up your photos yeah. Like that there are no classes for that that's is called Preston buttons to the figured out he said there should be well there is it should they should be so there's nothing you could have not paid its instances with says he's like sand five paid more attention to this. I wouldn't help you like took the computer classes they weren't like you wrote a program before though on how much money you make on that program hero for radiant a few hundred dollars. Radio stations NC that's more than nominate will it does matter but if you had the classes yeah you know moderate practice with your rally I you couldn't write a computer program if you took every computer class or ever right computer program hold on give me opinion. A security off to a bad start. C. A computer and program. See our there's the computer part he with that to me over. Amp area I think in this bill program. It's okay we know what it is yeah I know I can right click what's this. Our. We've got no right click is just CL IC. Oh that's half half half. That's because they'll look right first I would like to take a different lastly is misspelled write up the odds are hot hot dog. None. You and I need a hall pass it to you one thing always and it paid into this conversation. That is rather if.