Thursday, April 12th

More and more parents are resorting to online shaming, but is that good for your kids?  Is it legal?

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Like to do a segment on the show that I think has been very helpful to people who listen to us for quite sometime now and that is where. We tell you how to raise your kids come up people seem to love that. And it seems like we're really have a good handle on things. Our kids are too young to tell how they've turned out yet so we can be very confident right now that we're going to write in here. As though I wanna tell you about a disturbing trend that is happening and they say that. There are more more parents who are resorting to something called. On line changing. As a way to punish their children. Now we saw this first with pets and it was kind of cute when you see a little dog in the caught Ernie had a sign on this that I duped in the kitchen floor yeah. Or I ate my own 2% in like that. So it you know it was kind of like Q with a pat but whatever your child is forced to do something on line it's humiliating. Aiken have long lasting consequences. And it can get the parents in trouble still. One lady who was upset with her sign in his behavior and sushi made him drink hot sauce and take an ice cold shower posted are not FaceBook and she ended up. With a 2500 dollar fine and being charged with child abuse hum. Well fine for a I just part of the child abuse. Mine is a hit it high share our culture now called Jarvis and sentencing Ingram the hot sauce maybe I didn't either. Like in the years. Physical punishment I mean it could post it online too though. So it was a shaming thing as well. As she ended up like I said with child abuse charges and that's when he 500 dollar fine I'm kind of like that's a food that you can eat yeah and it's cold shower is not going to hurt you so I was a little surprised at that as well hawk I don't know so like the idea of how does that play it and ride I wouldn't want it and I are legit shaming your child period I don't think you ever need to shame them. I agree with the shaming party shouldn't do that but it's cool. To eat it child. Hot sun said it's cruel to put somebody. In a culture where are you tell that to my kids whenever I get this hour after their death and will you do not take idol cold shower as an adult. But I mean to do that to a child who has no recourse at all can't talk back to you can't you know I am not I can't say I. So or have any recourse when he's making me their hiding I know that you know that's that's that's one aspect that's a whole another conversation. But it looks OK I am not considered out cruelty or eleven being the. Sure isn't it I mean not illegal and so I'm cruelty to some people absolutely are not so order a monologue here that woman was arrested and charged with child abuse where is written you can't beat us last year kit. It's still ambiguous it still is included in cruelty. Well let's face it means the future daughters Q you've fed him Cahill. And yeah the end wide open yeah. Yeah at all AJ fuels he OK well they're starting to like it hot hot hot hi Ali. Now on he'd sustained pressure IQ beat Nadal now they've got other examples where boys got bad grades their dad gave the old man hair cuts need basically saved their hair and made it look pretty bad. OK if you give your kid like cul-de-sac haircut you now like your client. Like football coach Dan. Now like yeah. That would be cruel and seeing kids to school that one. A gag. I don't know I mean it's a hair cat yeah I think it's within interference right I do that during. Also another example as the dad waited for his daughter to come home from school presented her with her report card and then. Took away her iPhone six and gave her a 1990s. Flip phone. Which that is of course ruler than usual players. And he was sentenced to life in prison. You know he yeah he did not in trouble for that. But some people say these are just extreme versions of tough love but a lot of psychologists are saying that you could maybe do some of the tough love but putting it on line is where they draw why they say that that is when your chaining and humiliating it's like the kid and now ago who had a run and Brian Hanna now there's a difference as in my in my opinion on that way and you didn't see the kids days. He wasn't really being shamed or humiliated as much as he was just haven't around the school which had no problem if in the dad's probably could've avoided some details that he wasn't showing the kid stays he wasn't making fun of me being I didn't see that one is quite as bad as some of these others you know. But obviously everyone's gonna have a different idea and in the Heidi is completely wrong in Iraq. Okay. Yeah we wanted but if you post online you might go to jail on tour and I hear from here.