Thursday, March 15th

The younger generation has Tom concerned....and it has to do with disposable diapers.   Listen and find out why he's so upset..


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You know whenever you're growing up you probably remember your grandparents. And they were probably fund most of the time but every now and then you hear Graham taught he'd go off on a rant yeah he might be sitting down watching fox TV any talk about how the world was go into a bad place in hand to ask hitter. How everything is wrong with the world now that the younger generation was right in the play it well. I promised myself I wouldn't be that guy I would not grow up and become that or worry old guy. And yet we fouled but your honoring her. Yeah. I started. God yes I would grow up to me that way out. Early there's something going on what one of the younger generations that has me very disturbed and and I think you guys may agree with me on this. But this is starting off with the younger generation now and I guess it's part of their desired do you feel socially responsible. And environmentally conscious. And there is a trend called. The family cloth. The family caught this far worse than it may sound to you live birds. Apparently we are doing irreparable damage to the environment with the amount of toilet paper we it is. I don't care. So as a result of these people have come up with at age. Family. Law off the reusable. Watchable. Version of toilet paper. Yeah. Involves using a piece of cloth that is did he wrote in the hamper it some unlucky person probably the mom. Past you wash it and then put it back into the bathroom again. You know when the kids are younger and I was complaining about changing diapers riot. My mom told his story enemy is only a few years ago where will it have the disposable diapers more than a few years yes yes but they would have the cloth diapers and she said she would go after. You know and when I was little baby Riley and old fans cheer go on the toilet have to clean that out that way. And re use those cloth diapers many grandparents know what we're talking about. Right now he rejected and that come 21 yeah stop losing and then you have to. Didn't collect again and then wash him in the washing machine yeah. I remember my mom using those diapers on my brother OK and they had disposable diapers I don't know why she did it but there was some service they came around and picked up the bad guy yeah dirty cloth diapers and would bring back a stack of queen mines and am I why are you do in this. So can you imagine doing it for an adult you. I mean. I think about the diapers whatever they used to wasserman the lobster and also how much believes they used and how hot that water was. They had to be a lot and a hot because otherwise everything you washed it out wash your afterwards was getting mixed up would that. Well you know all help fashions come back around to get big bell bottoms again and you know turtleneck sweaters and so this. Cloth family cloth is like coming back into style now with the younger generation. I don't know if back in the styles the right term bordered on elm I'm always behind on the style so I can tell you I'm not gonna. And this is. All I can assure you I'm not making the switch anytime soon on the mega roll kind of guy myself whose. She did this like is are they like protesting. What am only. Push their agenda here globally well I told you and big beginning when you were listening I cities' and environmentally. Conscious thing that makes him feel good about themselves because they're doing something it's good for the environment. Now to tissues seems like it would. Be biodegradable. Faster than something like OK cap that millions of people use every morning. Right I. Yes that we switched. Council in Newbold learn yeah it'll be all right it's dark roads South Africa I challenge and half half half. I. Interconnect jet fuel had an. While enemy we have a cure for. I got a cure for it might use that element. Okay so here's the specifics talk they say it's better for the environment better for your plotting an even possibly better for you will. Because sometimes using the paper and overdoing it can cause health issues. Like infections. So calm. I tell me it seems like. That there's no way I would find that positive vote one all and on. Instill Graham says using to a disposable toilet paper. Was literally flushing money down the toilet. And it says I don't throw away my underpants after every use so why would I worry about that. So we got to Texas says she is that she read it's not for all your business just number one. Well while he's though it's to a paper for that oh no you're not belittle women who I always do unlimited night. I just know this much after this conversation. If Hadi has a party using the bathroom before yeah I'm not gonna drink coffee. It might not consider a wash because it's. A.