Tuesday, December 19th

In case you didn't know, we are officially in the "No Breakup Zone"...   What does that mean?  Listen up, Tom will tell you what you need to NOT be doing..


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Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us and a couple of Christmas thoughts this morning the dollar a share with you don't talk to you mentioned that everyone needs to have batteries like Christmas morning. I would also like to bring up something that's important for people to understand that we are officially end the no breakup zone. It is illegal to break out between now and Christmas. Or any thing other than just outright acts you know what I don't know infidelity or something but other than that you're not supposed to break up between now and Christmas because they bribe by cheaper Christmas present right I mean it's it's that party year where it's pretty cold into relationship. Than if you've been thinking about breaking up for awhile you need to wait until I knew years and make it a resolution instead of doing it right now on the holidays so what. If you've been thinking about it but yet you knew was gonna happen before Christmas the year and you didn't buy anything. And then all of a sudden it's Christmas in Yemen -- yet and you still don't have anything can you go ahead and do it now all are just go and I'm by something of that failure single power you even worried about this is just my experience. So breakup of the Christmas Day and you don't have anything far she's right you have to worry about it. Thank you can plan it that way you know did the cowardly way. Or you can also like you mention while ago just make and New Year's resolution you said there was like you want for New Year's resolution. To break up. My New Year's resolution is to see more people. Okay yeah. To be less stressed what you think would you then yeah yeah you enjoyed your Christmas present. Yeah to play it all 200 pounds of do you think he was David euros 200 pounds now are. Good day easier than they think. So and I've got to resist these data actually is that breaking. Or maybe I got broke up is that right after Christmas and of course one thing that sucks about the New Year's break ups is all those gifts that you're thinking you wish you had the money back from. Because you bottom all the stuff when you thought the relationship was good. And suddenly find out it's not good you won your money back from them but the laws still early favorite couples that are just breaking up with each other now usually the person who got the gift just gets to keep it. Miss you reports that. How automatic. And Massey took that ring that fits are at a happy about it. Yeah now OK I did mysterious system once I should have called reported as stolen by that I tell me that it came hours I had got some of that stuff now I didn't I was I was friends with her friends and I would go to their apartment and see my stuff but I couldn't take it if they want to let you do that and it was really awkward to be in there to listen to my stereo. Left. I asked Thomas Lyons here's. How good has that I thought time. But well one other thing I wanted to bring up since we are talking about Christmas that I noticed that you guys haven't been yet but my kids are still registered on Toys 'R' Us so if you're late for a president. We sit. Family and friends this year. And just telling a wedding registry very exactly like a wedding register as always you can do that again you can set up of a list at Toys 'R' Us and then share with the family. Or friends let's count to get an idea for his numbers I don't know what your kids want for Christmas that's for Christmas birthday he's. Valentine's Day Friday you have. Haven't the spirit of Christmas is what is it really Christmas now that's like cereal the bite and an eerie as here's what I want that's just not right spirit of Christmas. Yes the liquor store I'll be register. There you can't get Israelis guys here's Chris Lewis did and I have to. I've got to ask others to help deal with some of the voices I'm here. I mean he complained anyway. All right we'll Merry Christmas don't forget to check the registries and know break it up between now and it released New Year's Day.