Wednesday, January 10th

We asked listeners to call/text in and tell us what OUR New Year's Resolutions need to be..  This might not have been a good idea, listen and find out what we should be doing..


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What are applauding crowd we actually able to text dinner call and with the New Year's resolutions dress OK one at first ones are rat was promptly stop eating all the microphone and. I think I got event three times dignity I got an hour and I didn't realize that song was so short and I was still meetings though it's. Oh you can't call 180360937. Feel free Texans dog and her feelings witnessed how. Saying why you think we should change about us in 28 thing. It's our New Year's resolutions. And since we didn't make any for ourselves we know what you would help us out and use that Heidi Qaeda on hawk no I think hey yeah. While that was just you know little incidental thing. I am gonna stop being so nice to you guys this year hot hot hot hot hot. Hey I think we need letting listeners decide. That's not a very gates higher highs overall in the NRA you have to talk about a start with yeah OK yeah we had several people's day would you please tell the correct high aim instead of scaring us to death and it's 9 o'clock when it's actually 8 o'clock I'm glad. Stance and times and Vietnamese which programs so dyslexia. I know that. I have I have spell it in Ohio today and I'll get don't want to try to explain myself away. But I still at time more than anybody else on the show I'm gonna miss Cyrus once in awhile so I apologize but I would gladly embrace this when and work on so he just said is he's got an excuse anything kisses but it's an honest and I'll gladly work on vows after he says all this steep rises I say when they buy and move on his plea morally but a we're gonna have plenty more excuses for him on the role apparently Kato apparently on start outright an excellent is for hawk like. Half I okay. Not stop using the word. All the time. Them now August writing a tell you that he talks more than everyone else on this. I don't thing at half and as I don't think I really. Talk more than you guys I probably could use it occasionally does because I'm trying to transfer think the next thing about say. I don't know day. The next two we have yeah areas where hawk. I. It says that picking on Tom all the oh yeah younger. Her eyes. From. Let's see hate guys constructive criticism is always a great way to improve so that being said I've been listening since I was twenty years old gang honestly is the only radio station show I can stands to this into America and other stations have a bunch of idiots that just laugh all the time so I hey Al don't change nothing dollar cost. Thank you think I'm very madness. How about Mac out of class. I don't know Howard and New Year's resolutions you can fix them in 1036. And enterprise is next one is for hawk no. It's as hot needs to do more tortured keys day I don't I knew that one yeah. Yeah. Here I did not I did not. Or else here's one fertile. Give Tom could you just admit that you were wrong about something you want. I. I've thought about and I thought I was wrong once that was mistake yeah. So. It's. RI it's then here is another one. Four. And it's. Me and Tom. I edited the microphone unless the year oh less TM hi Tom we don't need to know everything about what you ate last night and how you had to go to the bathroom and he and so thank you knew why not public you can condom romance dot did you send us send this sounds like they it's time. Can I don't think the idea is for be able to taxis in and for you to go off on some rant about me. The that there would we have what it says quit picking on Tom all the time. Nine Heidi should come up with funnier jokes to add to the discussion who. Somebody is. I have heard people in all its as we gotta have to ski and can I they tell me. I don't tell a good chance but it what's the what you know is the source oxygen to a bar bartender says why such a moon thing today. Today Heidi is another way and I'll stop now tell us more about your new boyfriend. Resolution for Tony eight team that he's asked for her not to. That's a big laughs I don't know her. Now there's I don't know about me and the microphone and cheese balls please stop beating cheese balls Tom de dying Knight takes rolling in now really. Hey there's two quit picking on Tom all the times that are you know you're alive he deserves it a lot of you really notice. On dollar wrong he wore yes they go. Kato. Don't change anything you are perfect. Gone all Wednesday. OK here's another one for Cato June Kato trick Tom with funny names during shout out. More off like Harry. Like I got a list dot started to lose mind you give him every town. I pleased that Elaine on the show more for 2008 team we love hearing about her love life. Today male Galactica. Are better method left alive for Heidi stopped making us all feel guilty about what we eat we don't wanna hear how much sodium. I hot. I'd I'd is that the sodium apartment. I honestly feel guilty of though. He most of us eat some normal here and you you really comment on. And I study and we tell you not the coming letting go.