Tuesday, September 18th

Hawk tells us of a new newspaper....and you wouldn't believe the name of the paper..

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Well not fail us all this news story and there's things in newspaper. Unions. In the title it has the word your ranks and only you would find that interesting. That's not true okay my kids would laugh today RRF I just not how it's now. A kid and I left his failed EU RA and US and K no fatalities they like planets with the kids. In this league you know once you have to go through them you always giggle when they say that night. He had. Elena and flew down. Anyway. They and newspapers called your Amos examiner. You but he did it by the product allergy association though it is and there it was as being replaced the old title was the daily GAAP. And I guess it's named after a town. Of your highness in misery. There's a town name yeah yeah. Yeah its news I think it changed the name of that welcomes he after the move. If you away in the the state news. The paper has enough access today and includes local news to promote tourist town of Uranus. That town is known for its quirky attractions including a fudge shop and also the locals are just belt buckle. A that's. The Google. This is altered about making moves that are there are direct flights from Greenville Spartanburg I don't know gaga are if you know the locals are a little bit upset they say the name released thinks. On the air of a neighboring city is threatened to boycott the weekly paper. But it goes wasted. The innuendo of the title puts the city for public ridicule. In some residents feared that they be become the butt of international Joseph. But this thing we've never heard of them before this access though they're making themselves known to be a tourist destination that can see it happening now okay and they say that the name does not indicate a serious newspaper. Good that comes from the owner of the competing nearby Pulaski county daily news side yes though he is probably by tests. A little bit yes. What can you do in this town are there like. Taverns that you can't. Just move our. Well they said it's a serious newspaper. Yeah and they said that it's a credible news source that shouldn't get a bum rap. These kids out of. I don't I'll write letters and sciences they keep hearing is clean. But they said. That is papers. And it's their Natalie Sanders said it's a serious newspaper in hopes to filled the void in the local news coverage. Okay they handed you some money and they that they are going go Uranus observer. Or the your reign as posts and they went with your brain is examiner. I don't well that's the worst thing that I should have to go for any a lot of he talked about. And become a more of a tourist destination and then that's it cool name for newspaper okay he sits he's not backing down on the controversy. I'm sorry we're not changing the name. During this examiner. It was unveiled at the chamber of commerce luncheon there something. And this was after the Wayne's real daily guy to talk mentioned I guess we shut down. Yeah it has a population of 25. Can and there are a welcome sign actually says thanks for taking hearing. I peacemaking and I have. To fracking is. They also good argument accidentally fudge factory that god. It actually says fudge factory in this a tattoo parlor and indoor acts the rowing facility called the year reign as acts at all. 125 people that live there and they've got all these creative things to do and I was gonna say fracturing the world's largest belt buckles. I'm like there's some creative people there. How wanna go livid in hearings. Mike yeah yeah. The crowd yeah. Got to go back. A lot on there. Does say this that you real news story. They did this is both got contract.