Wednesday, August 8th

If your parties are getting a little boring, check out this new type of party.....for the single people..

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They're always coming up with new ways for couples to meet or hook up and one great examples all the apps out there you got the bomb bowl then. Play any affiliation tender in grinder and hinder an Ander and under and over and all this different apps but now they've come up with an interesting way to meet someone you forgot splendor. Glee that's the sugar says that it never mind. Earned this and actually sounds interesting but also gross at the same time I. It's called a fear in my own party who and what you do is you take a T shirt. And you Wear it for several days preferably in some sweaty activities amen why you're dancing on the dance floor and loss thinks think that's one thing or you just go outside these days right now. But whatever it is you get the shirt sweaty and you put it in a bag and you put a little number on the tag that's your number now. And then you go to this party with all these other people in their stinky shirts I'm and then you go around and you smell these different shirts and other not with the person that they belong to their just in the room. And you find which sticky shirt makes you feel the best. Now are you exaggerate some of this cells thing where it's like a stinky shirt because I feel like announced targets nor in my has the announcement on trial and sent it could smell it can be good smelling slam there I mean is it like sweat out in the yard and in practice sweaty shirt in the bag or just someone else's Santa that they put off like you servicemen are read the article directly to the heat before you go to the party you're supposed to Wear the shirt for a few days to get it nice and sweaty then you put in a bag and take it to the party. People take turns spelling everyone's sweaty shirts and then they mark down which ones their most attracted to deal. After everyone has done smelling you get to see whose shirt that you marks down and talk to the people who you sense got you interested. So without knowing if it's male or female you could like another woman as there are do that in Lester particularly warning that kind of hard and it makes I think the amount of sweats you have in that. Bad bag or whatever makes a difference for example. Think about your gym bag that you had when you are not enters the Yankees and the first and Wear it for all semester long SS two to three day is okay so I can swing it in my shirt I have on right now about an exercise. Walk around have a normal day there's some swear I don't doubt that OK so it. If debts that would be more mice mail and I news throughout just living my everyday lives right. That's what they're looking for the stinky gyms when you know play well there's a chance that you're going to have some stink if you Wentz wedding is something for three days of you put this is like maggots can be nasty Mormon who recently attended one of these durable party says it's a different take on mating it's very visceral and sub conscious and sweaty don't forget sweaty and that's what dogs do not mean they go around sniping at each other and that's how they get to know each other mark I think on him. If you get that idea if he watches you see that's not. What they do that date. And the movie sometimes what he's out of town and the woman wants to Wear his shirt to daddy. This year at the pheromones I think they're talking about because he has is. Cents on there are not necessarily as soon. Dallas' Bryan Gosselin night. America that maybe I was license it and she took those out of the closet that's tied she smelling. As you right here the united as a commercial yeah. Ha ha ha ha I I'm not shocked. I'm sorry I think one Adelaide is organized at your own party said it's a lovely experience to not visually judge someone to smell them before you see them an idea right now okay. Heidi went to snow for us just tell us which when you would date here in the room okay I'll go first is to Malia when. This is tortured. Newsday. Huh. Now. There. And. I don't. At least in this. Snippy. Honestly it really that's going down and on the college at least a decade it will or it wouldn't. Okay yeah. Error. Now. OK it's not like it's so you're saying Kate as the pain on the plane. I talk about it now that there is a distinct difference it is not yet. It's not just detergent. I have tied hockey's helped find playing. That has just something of the only. For a but it is Gucci guilty of saying he's got Cologne I just honorary levels bracket rate of young break up you're dating session over here oh I honestly that's one of the persons in this study said they broke up with someone because she didn't like his since you. Later she said the man seemed perfect on paper and emotionally they connected but. He just didn't have the right sent. For her. Time I'll be honest this might be something I would like to try you're either gonna seamless and I'm attracted with your own party house. Electric somewhere else I. Have a okay.