Thursday, October 5th

Do you nag your significant other?  One woman did, and Tom tells you what he did to deserve that nagging..


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Right now want to help the ladies out if you're in her relationship. Wanna give you some advice that I give my wife from time to time OK I think one of the worst things you can do in their relationship one of the most destructive. Things you can do in a relationship is to nag somebody. And I've told my wife this I'm like honey if you have asked me to do some projects around the house. Don't keep nagging me about every six months that I said I'm gonna do it I'll get around to doing it a joke they're just so that's not a joke stupid now. But nagging really just eats away at her relationship. And I have a story this morning about a guy and northern California who was dealing with some nagging from his wife. They got into a pretty big argument about the amount of money that he was spending on scratch off lottery ticket costs today on his wife told him that he had to cut back that it was curtain that not a money they had left over for. Unimportant things like food and I'll grant I faster. But he did not listen to her and he would actually buy his tickets single hide in the bathroom distracts them off. Hidden in the bathrooms scratch. How are. Yeah. However he had finally. Hit the jackpot and scratched off a million dollar winner. All but he said it took him a little bit it's time to get the courage to go out and tell us why oh wow 'cause he was afraid that she would still be Matty even though that he had won the million dollar jackpot because she had told him to quit buying the tickets and it's not around the bottom since she's pro I think in what's he doing in there. What's it taken so long for and then finally he comes out and he's like. Listen I I didn't. Mean you know listen to what he said I'd I didn't quit by and the lottery tickets like I was supposed to but. I want a million dollars sorry to say honey and each element by lottery tickets about one more. Feel like you went I would say I bought assay outbound the semi truck comes on a month ago. But what did you lie at I want what you did I mean because your thinking to yourself we've got a million dollars he's bound to be happy but then again you weren't supposed to be by and the ticket is in a million dollars mile on thing only complain then you know women for Kim complain he's gone over a million dollars. She's gonna overlook the fact that he bought one more ticket or found it in his track yeah this. It could be this story airline it if he did when the million dollars I think in in the he had a problem. Spending money around lottery tickets out have a big sit down with a visit we got a million dollars in control of 800000. That. You can take this to 1212. Had hernia we can get more scratch offs and win even more that's what I'm saying and seeing him at 2000 dollars do whatever he wants to scratch offs or whether stretch of matrimony is double what it Alley it's dance tracks and a model felonies like man I just need to get in that bank account and get a few more dollars does nominee get another lucky million. You don't want I think it got to work at your relationship that you do it but sometimes I think women are better and that. And sometimes men are better you got to find out which one's the best to keep in and taking all the money in the relationship I think I must stress in our. Like how good stretch and classic is because I think the scratch houses it's an addictive. Well it is. Zap seen and I've seen people go in by hundreds of dollars us or are they off set their car in the parking lot of the convenience is scratching until they found a winner and they'll run inning grab. And spin my got a family who don't even work his parents support him and every penny he gets he'll go Hamas. Jobs is not much different though because I'll go buy scratch on us. And I get depressed because there's so many losers might I have to hit a couple good winners vote for on the interest in playing again so light now I would say not long ago went and bought like Aaron those six or eight government to have more winners and I came out up about a hundred dollars. So I was like yeah let's do this Ahmard that I went back and want more and they were all losers and I haven't been back since I gotta get that positive reward fairly often now how much you're spending on a scratch doctored dollar I guess you don't Ireland's those are the only ones that pay out he gave. For him to win a million that had to be inexpensive scratch off I don't get a million from a dollar scratch off card on five and ten dollar ones I don't know about that I had seen at night it. X vary a lot. Out of retirement plan right below the lottery not to scratch out but I didn't bow on the other day for two bought two dollars and I want ten. I'm off. Today. The stretch offices for a wants to play. I thought that was. Not a scratch option bonuses. My actual retirement plan is powerball. Yeah how mega hall knows that borrowing Kay is a retirement plans just I got the 50 okay planets whatever moneys in my genes right now. I. Asked. I. Our eyes on oh yeah you guys listen I. Your life's nagging you about lottery tell her this story you feel to get a couple more tickets within that.