Monday, September 17th

If you've ever gotten goose bumps from listening to music, you are healthier, happier, friendlier and in some cases wealthier.  Find out why..

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I think we all know that feel laying of hearing a certain songs or seeing may be a scene in the movie. Any gives you that feeling of peace months. That your hair on your arm is almost feels like it's standing up on and and yet feels as someone's hovering right above your arm and just eroding those hairs. It's good feeling. Oh when you go to bathrooms and OK I had never gotten goose bumps and the bathroom and gala Collison who's pompey's. All right. Chill bumps. Note these votes but I have heard people call it chicken skin. Idea and rather looks like. Did you see it she can in those store raw chicken you know but now like fried chicken skin but not that's. Oh lead Dan fried chicken skin. Any way they say that if you had ever heard music that was so good it gave you goose bumps. That is assigned. That you are rising. Oh you're doing well and it means your processor Lee a good person researchers found. That about 55%. Of people have had that strong emotional connection to music and that the people who did that. Did have goosebumps from a song or music. Were often healthier. Happier friendly here and even in some cases well fear at all. They've found that women were more likely to get goosebumps from music than men. And for most people it happens during the first minute of the songs so it happens earlier in the song. I'm music's not the only thing that gives people goosebumps and like go in the bathroom you know we know one out of people's said that they had these votes whatever someone said I love you to them for the first time. Yeah about the same percentage said they had these bullets when their child was born. And about 15% said they had do you suppose when they saw their partner walking down the aisle at their wedding. June. So yes there at all known outside the ads but. Whatever is they've instead of the piece of music leaves you looking like a freshly plucked chicken again sign. That people who experience these bumps are higher achievers. Who are healthier and more empathetic. Than their years. Is is the sugars or anything like goose bumps and though as you can get he shivers and I've never gotten he used gloves and a parent child. Rye Angela. The guy thing he shivers. Yes it's likely it was the center in Lee and all of a sudden your whole body doesn't. The earth and do you shiver. Jimmy's been the forgotten yeah half. And I asked me and sorry miss out on that although it is frustrating because you're trying to maintain proper aim and that all of us that your whole body starts to wiggle around for a second. That explains a lot doesn't it ladies. From last coming out who's. Really. I do that's what's scary moment it's good volleys yeah but it was shorting give. Me a back massage and all the you know you look up sort of massage in my back in my arms as. I am. Does that mean something I'd I'm yet not shivers bit like the awkwardness. Accusing the tree every GBs and yet he'd be GA and you know I yards or anything like that and I definitely wouldn't want a man I wasn't expecting to tax me just to walk up and give me back for a I wasn't expecting it but I'll also offered to take my shirt off and my ailment. Beltre added a massage I have a body. Probably played brokers name's Robin and yeah I mean he owned like Islam stuff and he knew all about massage and stuff. And sometimes he'll come up and grab these children and for as short it was yeah. Good Joyce dom. Let me let me read your noticed how this is like the scratching fingernails on a chalkboard for me. You don't like massages or people touching not okay within the size if I get a massage place and laid down and I'm ready and prepared for that someone that's a guy walking up to me it I don't know. Org or don't expect any way and just start to rub my back at it gives me the chills back so your mom and your mom. My mom wouldn't do that but my wife could do it idea Ocalan calmly and give him aside he. Then you know it seems weird yeah she just never says when she doesn't like Hitachi. She's just not on the sides and a person. My mom's you do I dollar stressed now the mom would immunities TVs to. As we hear you know why there are occasionally about my mom giving him aside and say yeah that is my eyes I got stuck. Picturing her and abroad that sick to. I was picturing her abroad was about a body was Heidi pace so our. How to give you massage house god stock. I don't should do that would mean I've given Heidi massage just walked up behind her witness something on the computer put my hand on her shoulders not thinking and his stars squeeze in just. You know it gave me the eighty GB this can happen at a out of those look like. They're like whatever you cringe is there cringe moments like those jobs. Never had a moment you happen every day. How. Yeah well I don't like it yeah. I do it you know grade you know we're talking about its staff and I'd go after him like a report myself dates are. I think tank and I won't tell my mom on years.