Monday, April 23rd

Do you multitask when you're having dinner?  What do you do?  Listen up and find out what WE do while enjoying a meal..


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When it comes to multitasking I'm not the best and you're not that good do and one thing at a time master. And you look at it but what they've I guess or make for multitasking. They asked people you know what do you multitask while you eat dinner those people that are made for multitasking. They're called mom's yeah. I think moms have to multitask more than anyone. Okay that's due to though a lot of people don't appreciate how hard it is to play call of duty while you're also try and to ignore somebody on to watch the kids you know like I said ignores some balance and. Well how do you multitask while you eat dinner. Hopman roommates with Tom and you do something that I never could do very well while eating Reid yeah. Yeah and it in my age sons he does it all the time you'll like and I have a book while we eat. And so he'll read well easy in Thompson and trying to you know in my of fruit loops. And read the same time it's just as. Skin I'm not good. You notice a trend that people who eat with you are trying to find something more I. I'll take up there in time if there's a. I need you read when you eat. I do I have half a Malone is an area now agreed absolutely series alive okay. Normally I'm watching TV but at end of the onetime Oz and the restaurant by myself last week I read my phone. Look at. It just that moment I can't enjoyed. Each you. Would you just look at your thing adult telling you look around at people like it will you know hood. Granted I can't. And today. You figure the weird when distillation now it's not that hard to enjoy food and read the same time. I just feel like you look lonely when you sit there just going to. So you're pertaining to raid while you're now I was reading I was on FaceBook I was faced booking and replied the tax accounting like to do that I am a simple one rating because coming years and have the scroll and you have to put yourself on down. Greg sandwich whose images and do these things sandwich and one hand on the other. Two bedrock. Multitasking this is gone and the consumer phone meaning mayonnaise on your. Phone at that point maybe were not as messy as you. Watching TV early eighties as the number one thing Norway that people multitask while they are eating dinner you know. They say talk to people there eating way. Well that's pretty much I asked us to do it right a hard it's so hard just to try to have a conversation you got married on your mouth. A either curry yeah today people listen to music other rating which is easy. Yeah I don't know if I cost some of this multitasking. I mean that's normal eating tiger. Talk to people may have music on meeting was number four on the list. Checking social media which is this thing is reading. Well Arafat little more because she might be writing to OK and then then that is Canada's multitasking but they said nothing. Well whether he does not count as multitasking that's the opposite of multitasking they just eat and silence at you it sounds like. Well I can concentrate. Because strategy there at. You know he's. Not eating salad as loud as he does back even national less easy as that we'll. Did you just Norton I did I. Not go early or are. We'll keep making noises as FX yeah. I mean the movie theaters. Hey Brad thinks is and then he says these tips she's like the guy. Police academy he left after that and that's got to sound effects a variety of people shop online while they're eating. Who thought this would be an interesting topic comes on print how to did you that I need. Touch him. At. Apparently people don't work in eight. Now that is dominant. And gloom to appoint me I don't have to make this sound I'm doing it right now. That's a good idea. That was still insisting that Leo yeah. Africa I feel like it's the rat. Open up some of rapper. At least slowly she's there and do two things are Warren. Not to Stanley release does not crimes you have to hear against you we will have to hate crutches today. Opponents say I don't know I'm glad he's an easy we'd prefer Chile with the prince to the crunching down and let you know what is that buried it is a crepe. I hazelnut told Craig. You know I'd prefer your body's way beauty brewing out. And the cut Cole's not even I analysts and she has a boyfriend how.