MOM -vs- DAD:

Friday, March 9th

Tom and his wife have problems when it comes to their kids.  Tom says yes....his wife says no.  What would you do?  Listen up and find out how Tom runs his household..


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Talk one of the things that you and I have both learned that is tougher than it seems like until you get into it is parenting boy is and I'm curious to know how are you in your wife handle some of these things. One of the toughest areas is whatever mom and dad disagree on something. So the kids try to play you off of each there and see if they can get water view to let him do it. That's one area that we don't disagree we industry knowledge a bunch other variety but as far as the parenting style goes team please. Brushed her kids T he said to bad word and so we brush is. Teeth with so room and we go out realized that was not a good idea. Okay. And we like that was probably not our finest parenting moment is that tag team retract the older members state but he's not so that word since. Hey get. I'm sorry I brought this up now. My wife and I have problem. In areas where I'm more permissive and she is what else could you explain networks or the kids will come as a deck and have a pizza candy I'm like OK and my -- like though they already had candy today don't need anymore are like well hardy said OK so they can't have anymore after this one but I said OK so they can have a line of exams you don't keep track of that. And GRD is kept track of what they've had so your lifetime I can see why you make that mistake he barely keeps track of what he's. Now the question isn't to go to mommies and ask her if she said known and they can be human usage yes no is that I would say no your mom Marty said Noah Herron trouble for trying to trick just wanted to just as this is where they just came to me and asked yes that yes and in my life jumps in they can't have a very down right now hardy said yes though they can have this one but so they now know to come ask me first. Because they know I'm gonna say yes and I'll be like in oh. So but I'll you know a lot of couples have trouble trying to work out who's in charge or how this gonna work out and it gets really complicated if you're split up. Because a lot of couples will use this stuff to play against each other that's I have a friend who actually had problem with this they were divorced and then a sixteen year old daughter and so the the mom called said hey do you mind if she gets a tattoo and he said I absolutely. Mind I don't Warner getting a tattoo open so she went ahead and took the daughter to get the tattoos I. Fortunately. Apparently they'd. Took her somewhere where it wasn't legal or I don't know what the deal was this was not in South Carolina. It was in Florida and I don't know the law was but she wasn't able to get the tattoo associate that getting a belly piercing instead. And her dad actually wrote it thank you letter to the governor because the law had kept her from getting that tattoo he was thankful that she wasn't able to do it. I think the mom thought that even those who is sixteen since the mom was whether it would be OK but it wasn't. It was still illegal. And so the tattoo place that know you get a piercing which can't get a tattoo here eighteen pins so. But the mom was basically trying to. Make him on there like a bag guy undermine image he's basically saying that the daughter I'm the fine parent he's being parents come and I'll let you do this. And that's the worst thing I think is if you're. Separated or divorced and year playing games with the kids that's not what's best for the kids. You're letting your own personal stuff get a head of parenting. Lot of times child psychologist scuffles say that the kid as they grow up will defer to the parent that actually did discipline them. More often or you know if your parents disciplined you and tried to keep you out of trouble they respect that more as you've age. As few days ago when they're young and they I have the impulse control yet yeah they like the one that's the more from mr. Eric yeah why I do that right now. I want to delight in war I'm happy I. And it's devastating hit it. These days later they were so I right now they I'm not a lot of anti do you want to die on me yeah I think you go Brooklyn roll today.