Thursday, March 15th

We've always heard that if you want to know what your girlfriend will look like when she's older....look at her mom.  It's The Mom Test.  Does it work?  Listen and find out..


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Well we always say as guys if you wanna know what your girlfriend's gonna look like in a few years just look at my own little more than a few years but definitely everyone does the mom test okay yeah look at her mom and you think to yourself is that what I wanna be married to and I get older is always the mom or they're sometimes he may look like her dad and a half. I'd love and that's unfortunate that that. Okay al-Qaeda you look like him armored my dad okay to. Armor in Amman there again and she's a pretty little thing. You kind of look like your mama. I do it by my mom yeah I look just like my dad I don't know what that says about my mom or me. I had like this you look like him or did. I would like a woman and appeal and of ourselves reps said that he was that a remote MR mom drove up yeah thinking I was there he goes up but it was you know we throughout. Yeah. Like wow I guess that's a compliment. I'm sure you could do that well not half and I faces of mothers and daughters wrinkle in almost exactly the same pattern oh so you might be looking at there's guys in other parts of their body I. Don't think that's what's that just said why don't understand sometimes you gauge whether they might have a bigger bottom or feign books today are tiny. But if you own a one woman will look like as she ages just look at her mom's well there's things you've done extensive research in this area. Yeah I don't make me think men have done that all their lives we have all I mean it is a thing that you tell your buddies out. Even as a teenager we used to do that and of course the back when you're eighteen the girls your Dayton a moms weren't that all the anyway say you're cal as will be. Yeah. So it doesn't apply to the minted. Does that did that I look at the boy's dad I think so I mean I look like it's bitten image of my dad now it's kind of freaky how much I'll look at him here I'll be like oh my god I've turned in to my dad in what could happen conversation with. Of 100 dollars for in the other day and then she was talking about how Lauren knew her would sit out in the yard and look at the neighbor across the street today and as he is Washington's carcass was hot really act Imus that. I don't know I think it was the guy I think it was like a law yours. To wash his car in pebble creek across town. And had us. He didn't have a son Billy did he does it and then they think is his son is hot. Says. And you are Julianne Williams is number but yeah like what happens if your mom is like a super now. The pressure that daughter we grow up under whatever the girl gets to grow up thinking I'm bridal look like that age you maintain. Or not she can say look at the study. I'm bound to turn that way at some point exactly and Nancy similarity start. Becoming apparent with the daughter in the late winning I. Call so apparently it 2829. Is when they start looking like the mom okay yeah. That's bad news for me can I met my wife and it's going to drop her off at her house after we have good data and her mom and dad one Demetrius Armonk came to the door. With a smoke in one hand. The last aligned together wearing a pink bath robe. And I was like if this is what I got to look at all yeah I guess that's good. It is it. Yeah in the does feel sorry for Lawrence. Day. I am glad she got married the procedure joining nine. You know it's such as. Obama oh my mom. And then how do you look like your mom do she looks at that. She said. Forget it and knows few minutes ago. And short term tornado looks like her mom and I look like my dad. Build on paneling is people on the show you down like their dad again silently as people as a look like their mom that's. Yeah and I have similar traits to. I like bubble bath. Like pre Ingrid book like them wrinkles and you buy it. It goes in the about wrinkles and a if you merely. And arrows Tuesday. They don't know why we say stuff you're wondering it is today.