Thursday, January 4th

Are you dumb?  Do you look dumb?  Wanna look smarter?  Listen up, Tom is here with simple tips to make you look smarter to your friends..


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I'm gonna help you out this morning if you would like to look or seem a little smarter than you actually are. And I think dump people probably would like to look smarter and even Smart people would probably enjoy a appearing a little bit brighter than they are. OK so I don't know of anyone who just saddle looked smarter out a little smarter but can do does someone actually doesn't look smarter and but for the rest of you have some very simple tips that can make you appear much smarter to people and they're not hard and you don't have to work at a you don't have to actually be smarter you just do these tricks okay all right our. Get your pen and pencil and paper you write this I'm right now. I think glasses Mickey looks missing classes okay that's not on my list you Rihanna. I have a drink in the paper cups but it's not going to make you look smarter yeah. The paper where did you get but Larry I'll even saying anything I have this in front of me here from a research sciences is drink and a guy that went on my. I'm like I'm okay you better now click OK the first test. Say anything if you have a stupid comment. Now or ten I. Here's the realists about. If you would like to see more intelligent use of middle initial or maybe even multiple middle initials. They did a study they had people rate eight paper that was written about Einstein and the writer was listed as either David Clark. David F Clark David FP Clark board David FDR Clark. And the more initials that they put in the person's name the higher the article was rated for being intelligence. About Africa aren't right I'm gonna try to. Kate though PBR Keller okay yeah you might be careful about the initials GQ's kid out that doesn't make me look smarter management illness. Like hawk H Harrison then again as sounds more intelligent than hawk airs tonight thanks for us in hock it chairs Ngo and Tom. No I think you're gonna run in that H ha ha ha ha I'm an otherwise. Again any time you're giving any presentation at workers school. Use drafts I've prepared a draft here. Who don't use a graph you only appear this Smart but if you use the grass you appear this much smarter isn't that. Pac man that is not in draft okay. Up what was a pie chart just. Yeah like guys don't know that tag me until he ate two pieces of pie and now what I want to have our Arco. To say because a lot of times I think that you just as your sometimes and make up your statistics. That made me feel like you knew we were talking about. I can't say hand drawn draft folks this is what looks like Pakistan app. I. Always say you don't have a draft about two thirds of people will believe the information whenever you include the graph that jumps to 96 hours. It's pretty big deal and eggs by the love the fake news. Because you scratch you grabs him or maybe if you in his tail like yours someone today I love you he uses whose charred due to heart chart compared to how much. And our grass gently today how much all of its Magellan or diamond draft day well below the rule our rights. Kato your glasses let's talk about says they drinking drink any thing other than alcohol. There is a technical served for this is called inviting B and and it's hard to say inviting idiot bias. Even if you're not drunk when people see you what they drink in your hand they think that you are dumber because when we drink we get dumber so if you have eight. Drinking alcoholic drink in your hand people immediately assume that you are not quite as Smart move doesn't say anything about drinking glass or raids silica. Is because I do if somebody's drinking out of a martini and a martini glass in my they're Smart. They're Smart and I'm wrestle a cup of India prime ask I'll look at a time. I got to this point yeah okay. Finally. Thought they Laurie it's presently. Meaning don't feed for Reagan monotone people think you're smarter when you can vary the speed volume and pitch in your voice and your energy levels should fluctuate due and it's more interesting. And as I as an hour and a half time. I'm not a robot you know. Okay hi I don't know about weird giggles in the I'm not a hawk have you learned any day. Yeah I mean probably drinking glasses. And a year is that picture initially called. H Hairston and calm you know. Yeah. You look Smart thank you guys glasses on if you had a graph I'd ago. Costco dog who want to offend and pregnant.