Thursday, July 12th

Are you happy?  What do you want most out of life?  Listen and find out what others are saying..

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Ask people what do you want most out of life a way out men the lottery. And I yeah. Domino that's and you idea I think that would make things a lot better for me what you tomorrow. Or most out of line happiness. Today that's the kind of what they says that's what I just it can. An anxious time we have to go to U of Al lot of these things because apparently you're leading a happy life living a happy one yes. Dexia a well most people want analyzed 66%. Said number one answer to enjoy a long lasting happy marriage opted. Yeah so far I get it around and if I was not just via Smart Aleck with the lottery thing I would say health pass to be huge because. You can't enjoy much to the other stuff if you don't have your house you know it's so funny no one mention real. No one mentioned hill that's has been out of had anything go wrong and until you do you don't. Realize what it's like whatever you don't have your health. A lot of these are very materialistic answers just so I can kind of identified because of got a flat feet and all that on. Restless legs syndrome so I know what it's like not to have your house ideas that go. Anxiety yeah most testosterone and a I guess I haven't Shelley Long and well about time assist numbers and it okay what most people so they want outline achieving great career. 11% of people said that Tom I gave up on that long time. Back up had to settle for this. Living in a big house was number two worry now I had the house. Yeah too much to claim and it is I told that from allies since I'm. That's a number of car driving luxury car I have that initiative. So that you coming up why you happier I am happy I live in the dream but at the health problems and that. And it ended violently. What do you want most of life. People said to become famous. Now I've got it and Tom what's it like to be so famous and you know but it's tough being. That I I'd do it so other people don't have to if it turns out. Honestly you see some of these answers and I'm like who in the world that they serve that time and again. Yeah. I'll be honest with you fame isn't all it's cracked up. The Chicago for money instead of the the day. Same guys that really do as much for you and it can actually hurt yet because sometimes fame is his. A pain in the neck you see these celebrities who try to hide away from everyone because they're so famous Ekene law mystery isn't. Now the level of fame that we have I'm cool with I like it when I when people come up to me I'm out somewhere and they want take a quick picture on my gag at the family of your mind. But these people would remember Michael Jackson when he was alive. He he would couldn't go anywhere because people would just swarmed him and he couldn't even be normal you don't want that kind of thing. OK it is our jobs. I don't look at this thing are really in as far as the entertainment. I guess scale of stardom here on hoc income show when I look at us as the bottom feeders of the entertainment. We are out look at us as being one step up from probably the rodeo call clowns when it comes to energy and hanging. I've always thought of us is being higher than that I got or somewhere up above the people who work at the carnival and say yes yeah for about America and hide Sandler got tired up about them but really I mean. The limited dame that we do you have and it's very localized. Like we're not gonna go to. Our land and be famous right. We need to Atlanta you pretty much a nobody OK but. But that fame is pretty cool but if you're famous to the point where you just can't go anywhere you can never get away from it I think it wears on the celebrity son now but so I would say don't look for fame go for money instead with money you can have everything fame gives you. And privacy witness and by the way I got recognized in Nashville Tennessee settled. He's more famous than me yeah yeah good humor and ransom money in there yeah so my new meaning now I didn't know them I've had that happen in other cities but it's not like it's not like here. Take this year. Well I say this I was surprised about the health thing no one mentioned yet that is odd and secondly say if you wanna be happy you know why you need to be thinking about published GR but doesn't have a lot of these things and maybe not. Luxury car we've though we have a car rental fleets are your wife has one you know okay like it was an escalator seven known known it's Tom but it's got like 2.4 inch rims that. She gets to drive that though I'm gonna go nowhere near Tampa as you know time for a India just behind me and head.