Tuesday, June 12th

Most people prefer to be left alone when doing this.....what is it?  Hawk will tell you on this latest podcast..

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Well most people prefer to be left alone while doing this. It's I still think it's isn't a bathroom you do in public I was shopping. Today. Shopping the united RM regular shopping yet again to how you're probably thinking shopping but I don't know if I'm gonna go that yet most shoppers 95% prefer to be left alone as they browse in the store for items especially like clothing why won't they tell the people who work at the stores this. I think because they are on commission Tom but if we prefer to be left alone and you're not leaving us alone were probably get a buys less well you can tell them thank you I'm I'm looking oddly enough I need anything don't always listen to you yeah a lot of times like are you sure you okay holy distort quicker if someone keeps coming up to me and talked and because and so your hated by it. Actually so ordinary tasks are and there are a lot of needy shoppers like you had not expected. She wants you to follow him around and hold everything for the end sound really my surprisingly. I never knew I could make him do that. They decadent out of the dressing you're kind of back and going around these. Around I Wilson I think it would be funny to see how far they would probably all can have them like you know ideally you'll hear yeah and just have a slight. And you know what keep piling clothes on like this because they'll also sells like that torture team. I did post a picture last figures doesn't tell you were conclude our retail you have no idea the level of stupid that exist tomorrow way I do. I've been saying people are stupid for a long time really are gonna show so there's a race yeah. I have to pick up a verdict is in store technology for customer service over store employees. Like apps and support their right price check to see what's going on price scanners and things like that. Because you know what drives me crazy is you'll be in store and it could be some even like a Wal-Mart or something. And there's no prize an all right and that's I think it's have to be free if there's no price tag it might mean you'll see prices underneath the item in an on that item that you want for some reason there's no prime. That you try to find one of scanners in most time that's broken our and after seeing them disappear that's like I can't even find them anymore they used to be -- have them an occasion to steal it and whatever they try to arrest you say well this as they can't count because it's free it has no price on you sure you don't want those idiots you're talking about it. You know let whatever we. Tell me how come I should have to go through it. Heck and high water to find the price is something that you should have marked particularly heated check out and let them do with parent who don't want that you don't take it. Yeah and I still you're means hears about stealing us and I some stupid. I thought Americans struggle to do math to determine the price on items that are on sale exactly how will say I do have a tough time with my Coles cash and go on Nicole's sometimes because you go certain day in the B 15% off the prize and you'll have a 30% off coupon or 20% off coupon. And then if you spend fifty dollars more you give them ten dollars at all. And then. If you do all of that go over a hundred dollars or whatever it's like you don't get to another twenty dollars up cold cash you can spend a later date and so in your are you doing shopping man. Hawks head explode back. It's like play in the slot you're like oh come on come on this is a big go big and some an app for that. An additional percentage you know what's funny is I have a friend too is very judgmental of every one. But then they can't do their own math on that stuff you know let me know. It is like you go though you can't do this you can't do that and then they can't do that so there with 70% of people say they actually need to tackle he paid. I'm the one I didn't understand what you've been about called garrison there okay well you guys soccer. Figured all I know my wife gets that thing in the mail everything it's like what Qaeda says it's like you peel off the sticker is it going to be fifteen to money or 30% ha and apparently can't be figured out calls club instruments. Is trust person checked you mean. People said he actually calculating a to figure out. I'm in the basics you get the and they it's 30% off and and it's 50% off extra on top of that. You just do it 30% and Tom I know full well how to do it. It's easier from shop Brian. But I mean do you do that all your shopping in the past your shirt says 30% off Frye had a coupon assisted people and I era I just whatever I'm just gonna take it up there and let them figure it out I don't. Try to figure it out myself OK but I do because as certain point elected getting tolls cash back in if you spend another three dollars and ten cents you don't get me you know that's really ten dollars off you just grab something to sather restaurant take the issue strings here thank you. Yeah I just add to it rubbed at the last minute if you need three more dollars worth of product hang on and grab that shirt every year but what if you don't need shoestring this move to bring them back later. The real motive there when you do have a 50% off enact additional thirty is like. Wow. That thing and all this money can buy more. That's now that's why it's so important to figure out when you're shopping what did you think that doing math on. Percentages off would be interesting topic on the radio I'm stressed out I don't really know to because this is turned really weird shopping people like to do it alone for that reason you don't we should. You're doing it on right now I happen. I don't how I. I thought you wanted to check it out. Saying I will say Hawkeye and look at broad goals that the keeps up with dollar events that you need one well 45% of the people say they wasn't strong woman meant exe area anyway can skew or wherever. It's yeah.