Friday, May 25th

If you're grocery shopping and you see something with "VEGAN" splashed across the packaging, does that make you want to buy it...or run screaming in the other direction?  Tom has the most unappealing food terms, all of which are connected to HEALTHIER foods, for what it's worth..

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We hear a lot about fake news out there oh yeah it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people ranked one area that I see a lot of fake news and what I consider to be fake news is. Win the media tries to convince you some thing is different than you know it really is and almost like the little story always heard as a kid about the emperor who had no clothes line and everyone was like always looks beautiful as clothes are beautiful in the one kids like. He's wearing any clothes this is stupid is an invisible. Clothes supposedly invisible thread dry and so the kid finally stood and said the emperor has no clothes so that's where Franklin started that is. That's how I feel whatever people try to convince me that healthy food alternatives. Are as good or better than food that tastes good. They try to convince you that healthy foods taste just as good as the other cities. Oh the gluten free bread taste exactly like the other bread today or you know that the low calories eggs you can't tell the difference in the low calorie in the regular. And I'm like that's bull crap I know better. Well they finally came out and admitted the truth and they asked people what terms make food less appealing to them. And these are the phrases that made people not want to buy food today. They said if it had the words low calorie or gluten free they almost fifteen to 17% of people said that's probably not gonna taste good. After my wife has gone gluten free now. And I can tell you are yes that includes free is very rarely good. Okay it's it Gooden taste good. It doesn't sound good it tastes good but guys all the bread stuff. You know pretty much easier with a weed and now to our guest Daniel. All along it's a it beats you. I do you you cannot lie I mean I know you try to be healthy that you can't say it's better than the gluten. Well for somebody you literally get sick. Or doesn't feel it out or eating a meal if they if they are allergic to gluten Eunice and then also if you do with out for awhile and then you you start yourself on these. More healthy foods Thompson and Hudson and her microphone off the other. I have to agree I eat Turkey bacon now and I mean the other day you had a real bacon and it's so good and it really was but you know what bill. Just the there's oil ingredients and I'm like I am I'm good but Turkey bacon I've gotten used to a good thing that raises you know you Vincent too close to Heidi this. How. I mean pizza it's just how do you do I. 19% of people said that it was less appealing if it had that three on the label. Now what's funny about that is a lot of sugars and carbohydrates have that'll labeled as a trying to make you think it's healthy but it's not yeah Leo a bag of candy can be fat free but it's still bad for you to eat a bunch that. Right on a lot of times they have that sugar substitute which acts as a laxity and so you gotta be real careful little a lot of single got sugar free and sugar yeah. The next thing. They said when he percent of people said sugar free means less appealing to them okay the word diet 31%. Of people say that it says diet they don't want anything to do with it. But this is the word that people were most likely to avoid a food if it had this label on it. Light no fat Bernie did you say that artists that I happen remember the birds. Hawk I Scania and worse than tires. Yeah but that's a good mix. That is that gluten free are safe. 1030. By The Beatles said that it says begin on the label they aren't buying it because it's less that he'll. I don't even go to stores that sell began stuff. Now okay you know why a lot of Coca Dolan on over the weekend buddy mindset hey come on over we're gonna have veggie burgers. I did know how I exactly. Do you have any regular burgers know instant energy berg big hit it to go and do what we intend to teach kids about no bids don't go ahead. I won't even let my kids be taught that correct. I'm happy you I know B bring my ElBaradei. I now. I can't you know why because they would smell your burger they would all realize the lie it would yeah lie for them you don't see your juicy burger Davis mallet they would see you eating at and they would know they were living a lie I said I'll I'll stop Bob anomaly before I get yeah yeah yeah. And a hundred that if they teach at school Tom Landry with. I think that's when Mr. President okay I've got to get involved my kids beat office well that's apparently even though the high eighties at the world would have us believe that we're OK with this staff secretly. People know better they know the truth that what you need to do people that market Vista don't using these words. And they have to go to get those weird people that like it now. That's okay.