Tuesday, July 17th

Have you seen the latest trend in swimsuits?  It's the Upside Down Bikini.  Hawk explains this weird trend on this latest podcast..

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It's the latest trim ladies in female swimwear. I had to do some research on this Tommy not wanna get you go girl out okay. It's the upside down bikini tops cast seen the upside down jeans today and you know I hadn't seen the upside down bikini tops it sets sometimes whenever I hang upside down and look. Okay and they're all upside down nose is upside down bikini tops. If so you can take whatever you've got this year if you've already bought your bikini. Turn it upside down and where are you sure that's what the research I saw Tom looked like that's the Texas I just. The top and bottom to not making this. And I'm very confused to go line OK they are not as safe search moment I think it. It just. Uh oh. Do it and yeah yeah just click on. The story it's distillate. I'm making this of these jobs size of the meaner brand I Wear my bikini top upside down because it makes my boob and it says Israeli. Let. Please don't do this a USU I arrest since you get arrested in Myrtle Beach putt putt is lucky that the one base and I I. And again there in. In what she's wearing them album are you look at the kind of Auckland new anti Keller. No I think she's got a little brown likes skin you know. Well corner Emily he's yet to some more research genetic probably this was pretty good yeah. So let Strahan is being a swindler is turning your bathing suit top upside down while. Where's the meat to movement when. When this has happened and he's dead right here meets I don't know but still you know what I'm OK it is just those guys don't know where they're speed goes upside down. Now this woman says not sure why so many of you are thrown off by his phenomenon but then again anything different sparks panic which most people he said phenomenon that. Oh. Phenomenon. And. OK honey using distracted over I am very because I'm still treasure how to put it on. I have an ally so your imagining yourself in Europe the demo bathing suit. It would take two people help me put it died in more healthy Cary around I'm imagining her team okay. Yeah when did you. Notice that there's pictures all over this. I mean I would you imagine. It would get this bill obviously some guys are going to be staring at you at the beach if you're wearing bikini top upside down either amendment might not be scared because you like. It was he put down wrong thing yeah. If geysers yes they say girls you can also get the clippers away just by wearing camouflage bikini. Or you could Wear your team right side up. And that's like everyone took the and camouflage bikini I don't. China. You know it's sad is that I used to be that guy. That I was just acting like I am still that would be like yeah I'll bring it on but now I have a daughter. And all I can bid got a please god no. Don't let her find out about this or want to ever do this because I'm gonna have to one day deal like. Bikini patrol and the like you can't Wear that yeah party duel with my wife phenomena product. Well not if you turn that around on the guys to Tom 99% of women say they hate. They're partners if they're wearing a Speedo or anything that similar to list these that's what I'll do I'll tell my daughter Alison you Wear that somewhere in the speed I asked I lower earlier let's. Solved a lot of trouble for me and it was something is better left for the imagination and those boys in times via business. But it turned upside down apparently that's the fashion and you have my permission to imagine that okay I'll years hiding. Yeah. And they OpenId.