Wednesday, January 11th

Doctors are now saying not to use Q-Tips in your ears..  What?  Where do we stick them?  Listen and find out why.


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Well you're supposed to put things in your ears apparently I guess this week doctors issued new guidelines for ear wax removal. They say sticking your Q tip in years not a good idea but don't worry. Researchers are looking for other places to stay cute to. Well that's good I have a lot of Q tips and that's what I bought them for John goes to costume it's like the yearly supply of -- guys still and I don't know what else she is on four and I've always heard dot thickening air and I never paid attention to it like everyone else right because unless you stick it to your eardrum what's the problem let me be honest with the I I'm gonna take some information here but I still love. The experiences that you accused of in my ear here. Now are they telling us this because the Q tip company did not pay the doctors off like they've done in the path. This is I think there as I don't tell me you know it's like an amazing news and is acting as satisfying inner ear as you know when you get a Q tip in days. Yeah too far and no this just came. Does your leg kick like a dog and enthusiastic and it too far that have to pass I got a muscular brain there are now available and also have easel alcohol wives I want my ears like nothing inside is that on the mountain regions wonderful field. But anyway yeah. Agreement. On hot as they saved. Putting objectives in your ears can scratch here in town calls me again affection in there itemize you know crazy and scratches never in my life have I cause an infection from scratching with a cute hit in my hair and gang how party pressing they say you can also ruptured eardrums sometimes you go too far and I mean Abrams didn't you know and it hurts to stop. Today. The doctors also say you're handling a lot of people like Stan makes this unfounded this is not good in all four years or leaving him just to scam to there's doesn't actually do anything like it for your hair to him. But it feels good. Well beyond your team and Garcia. It's okay Linda have you tried it would go on I do that is straight when you have somebody wins do you want to buy and sell the Argentine players they say it doesn't negate well David Jude I don't believe they have a humble they don't know there's dot com that's totally geared and their research that they weighed before and after there's no extra stuff that comes out. OK I disagree well I've as far as it goes all the while it might seem each year wakes traps dirt dust and other stuff that might get into your ear wax is slowly pushed outward by new skin growth. Enjoy all movement and washed away. With normal base if you have your waxing Jewish community using out of your ear you need to use a cute just before that and say what else does it block sound for instance. Exactly the you have a candle and you're kid out. It is galleries that your place with cotton swab your finger or any other tools so some people use other tools. I yeah driver before that it. And you have a problem with mes and old Campbell wax or better yet that's a great thing that. Oh and hoping did asthma jump on board revealed flaws and bad for you know give me excuse to stop defendant is that if you have crowns a caps flossing we'll take them off. Careful about it as conspiracy to him okay. Was pretty clean it and belly button. I painted your finger on today will. Today. Does your belly fine I know are they would like east I got here. These fugitive Clinton Billy below and then that it's really values of water taken tweezers. That's why it is that came down but because I've heard that the beat the cotton gets left in your belly button can become infected now has its contract anyway when he is sure to say analysts candy that I use alcohol and accused it that's the only other place I do you put accused in that I know I got is that they. But I use it to get can sometimes feel like it's like soap scum bills that in your belly button like little layers so yeah. Not out here comes as you know you can. Over water yeah. Evidently it's it was a little bit the boy Clinton now I have used my toothbrush. If you use it again as it's his passion and I throw and when they are tall order to. You know it's not the way it ever wonder what was wrong with the aid tips through. That the inventor had to go all the way to the cue tips it's. This something up with this. I think it Colin acute it I don't I you know what I'm sure we can Google that not do that research I was too busy trying to figure out how and when memorabilia. And share that information yeah that was more valuable then why they call acute care. Asking about the me all day no it's not some a look at yeah. Day. Is that he's stood for quality. Look at it was invented in 1920 by Leo Gersten is saying he attached wads of cotton the toothpicks now that would be good over how. He called them baby gays that day which went on to become the most widely seen in name cute fits with the queues standing for equality. There that's ruined for UK and I do not think about it all day and you be disappointed about nothing else to think about how. But yeah.