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Jordan Fisher Interview on B93.7

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What's up guys shortened Fisher. This is all about us from B 93 point shot yeah. It was a guys this is Jordan Fisher and you'll listen in the shorting on 93 point seven. By the way she's future. As a offering sanctuary here John. Yeah. Unfortunately yeah. Are you in college. Warrior. Was that every year right now we're Willis plus learn about you made my in Jordan ask you questions. America. When the system was in. Communication and do anything. You can go and lit anywhere and work and so many. It. And but he got accepted what he's what he's doing here or go. She should start out it's so hot. Oh. You know I did you get an idea. Here is heading into LA and jump in like you'd jump in think American green Milloy I'm not calling a growing Dylan. UNL player and without human allies of the U of C tell about it it's it's the most that is the best in the war under an. Don't. Yours. You are. You know months. It offers all. The things you can. Do matter what you do. Fine. It offers. It in terms of this evening or New York, New York hey thank. I think these guys are you guys mad they leave the Tonight Show in New York City that's the honest. Now it's worth that's where it should hey thank and it's supposed to. Be instantly and went on and closed car is never a fan of his man. Yes he lists as it hit it and believe the little Elisabeth you guys those cheesy funny in an accident. Performed on his last in his last show was really yeah. I was I was clad in later Rosen seems so long for awhile from. So on the music room. Either degrees slide thing to rein to do Greece how's that a sickle one shot like you can't get it. Get it wrong campus by you rehearse for nine weeks to the seven every day shoe there is filmed at one of us. No I don't know I hasn't elect we had threesome stages we had like all like half of the Frontline. A backwater rather and we have a 23 carts we have 63. Cameras and operators we utes vandalism. They regard production and it was but yeah I mean. He had three hours on my TV to try to make things as humanly perfect as possible like it's got to you know you can be thinking about Ramirez Karros NE IQ you look back you know a guy can. Are there the night does not currently and after. Given us is that pass the night before but it happens and it was a tough honor it was. That news. You know we all kind of in our own time when a tour and asked her life. You know what we do to help you through the day or can we how can make that she's honestly just being round you guys being here and do the shows definitely the fishes she seemed like nothing had happened you know like when you watch it. She's a pro. As I come. It's weird how like you were like. I can you block stuff out they likely think of something has happened in your life and think he's blocking out and continue you have to do what you gotta do you know weird Al yank Vick his parents died. This is a weird things like bring out but how parents died. Of carbon knocks it would've Carmen monoxide voice and they died in their sleep and then the next night he had to do a two hour show. Sauce and for me it's like I'm so emotional lay out the spill like. I screw this I can't you know I got a chance that he as far as the stories come block auction Arab parts skis means block stuff out. I think he's gonna have to that's the thing you know where Venus is concerned I mean. Granted. This production was a little more. In mobile them. In terms of like just apply ability and how weak that do the show we can do it another day here two hours we. We couldn't. Iran had our slot we have eight and obviously you can place as soon as we've been rumors there's exactly she referred there was no. Question in her mind as to whether or not. She was gonna go do you gonna do there's of the originals things that the show must go on it and I think it. Really what separates. The mice from the men then you know the sheep from the whenever. You're how old are you by the housing your press release it and see how already twenty. Did you speak lake just like so profound like you were in my boss's office and you retired Star Wars which. I'm nothing about now. Sorry seducing his duties were or Einstein tiny ten now washed and chartered banks Larry you need this year I need to start eating to go. And it. Like not chronological order because a B one through sixteen to go in the order of which it was released four or six of them one through three and then it said it will. I think that's what messes me up man you guys could you gotta start in and gave Tomei got a starlet bear gives you go back you do it just gives you wanna feel the way that that we felt that has fans you know you can you grew up watching the the older ones that forecasters expect that that's Star Wars that's the story and then. George Lucas. What did you mean. As much money is god he knows just like I want to do 12 victory in Iraq it was like he's not a good idea and he goes. Screw it I don't care I'm George Lucas right to do it and he did it and he may charge our bigs and are great you know. What do and you'll give a star small that they Darth malls that African. He's that he's he's he's your store like you loves loves are loves Ryan not like a lot Harry Potter though salutary but you know I'm with you I was harder I was content. What does it and his or yeah hello Orlando is that. Universal sees ask her boss suit David out that he. He buys a yearly pass for him and his parents took her to go any goes three times a year really that's all he does leave you guessing like. Any land areas no. That hit that's where he goes there you have allocation is saying he gives us an exempt gears in three different idol I've never been so I mean living in LA we have. I think was seven theme parks and within like an hour hour and a half radius of Austria. Does he think California adventures six vice hurricane harbor knots Berry farm lay of the land and Universal Studios meaning green will some boring man they want me lying we'll relate to our SA I we heroines LA offers so much and really you can literally moved to LA do what ever you want ever it's at work habits and entertainment industry fits into making a blue collar white you know corporate what do you can literally and whenever you want there's there there's an opening for whatever you want. We're kind of starters are listening and studio we're kind of talking about McCalebb Kayla. Skittish switcher which of. And it says she has she's a sterner and thing. And and she said she got except in the UCLA and this was off the year I was suitor you know talking and insurers that are kind of like starting to its smallness pursue it with your career like what did you duties Wendy Wright you are gonna do all because. Not only like do you saying in bands and your Greece here on the Disney Channel then I mean it was an all kind is all once or was it all kind of slowly building behind you you know. How western Taylor hair it's a superstar. It's hook. Moving to LA personal. I mean you know I am grateful that I I grew up with with parents of the family that that supported everything that is was gyms for twelve years we've had in between travel hours money at times but again it's like that was. That was my entire life in Iraq. All of a sudden I went home and told my family that I Thelma with our. And theater and acting and singing and dancing and making music and all and there are like okay great if that their biggest thing was do what you love and money will come. And that's just that you know. My my advice for people that are that are seeking this industry and and you know they want to be able to. TV film is a way that is always know why so many people chased hollow things and we'll chase things that. Don't you know give you anything that's conducive for your growth as human being it's fame for its money for its material thing. Yes you give perks for sure like that kind of comes with a bit if you pay your dues that's really the biggest thing if you. Move to LA and you are going to audition after audition and you get all of the inevitable knows that you wield it mind when you finally get that yes. You know after again you're separating you once once you separated demise from the man once went you know if you if you go out and you're auditioning for things nonstop there. Here here here here you pursue record labels would have you can you will get knows a freak at the yes but it's a matter what you do with those who knows he let those knows kind of peek you've owned and you know kind of you use that you know as an excuse to kind of see maybe it is but I'm not cut out for this thing than. You know you go home and do you do you think that's that's not that it's not it's not the thing for me it's like that you love. Not giving up I mean I can it's funny sic is like especially in radio. I. Nelly and asked her at a billion years ago in College Station has like two people listening to me knows it's like yeah I was just trying to you know. Sharpen my mind career intercourse now went to Andre stationing a fire legendary as his they have fired a deduce you know so it's like campaign is an especially when radio today like they're just like. Aren't on the radio and so now wanted to you know be on the air five days a week you know like I am now right and I am blessed because I know also like. I'm working and at the station via. I group listening to as a kid pats so it's like it's one of those league dreams and jobs that. I shouldn't have but their kids and radioed Eric I should we but I'm also you know it's also been a fifteen year journey like getting there are so how far back did you learn years ago Ansonia. Minnesota laws already and first gig. In TV or film or anything anything at all it's there's a girl fifth grade that I had a crush on the joint drama club and we disclose how structuring year and I should ask me restaurant drama club. That. And no clue as you must have been through she's cute and wanted to hang out with ourselves and our show asked me if I was too and don't close those like I am. In the eye and 100% to drama club while Agee and ask me see this afternoon we had no compassion no clue as there had no clue what. It was a let does give a solvency of NFL loves bill that would acting and music and art and dance and you know the whole entertainment you know that was that was really the biggest thing. In hindsight is 20/20 I loved making people. I've always make department people pleaser ham and entertainment what that does for me whether I'm laughing or crying here. You know angrier when have you from watching the film are at a concert something you feelings I'm enjoying myself happy and that. That. Experience you can't replicate and they keep bringing people that kind of joy in being able to take people out of the real world for two hours of whatever the thing is it. That's what I wanted to do I enjoyed a lot so this is this pretty further on in the know what premed and my my. Plan B kind of started sneaking up a little too quickly and had a bit of panic attack as asthma to go to school for eight years to do something that was good that evidence of that I love them and I booked today and ABC friendly shows that movement is called support the American teenager. So he enjoyed a Mac go back to agrees disagrees is live as you know it's there was it to each time and and you had that I wanted to how would -- like value like multi camera. You know sitcoms like. The C sketch show on Disney or do you like Sam Katz do you like do you like there's the live stuff like what's. For me like. Obviously you know I do that shows its live from I'm but I also like to prerecorded bits that it doing the show because it is attacking crafted but do you enjoy it more or it's like I've got one shot to get this right. Arts art. And I know and that's really kind of I've I've I've. Submitted to I've completely relinquished my craft at that point right now. I love whatever I'm doing at that moment it's a single cam drama. And I've got a script that is. The passion matters. What have you. I love that thing I'm in love with that project from above with that thing that I'm doing then and that moment I don't know managements of doing anything but that thing there. And once the films done move on to the next thing if it's a see if it's a television series has succumbed. We've got a studio audience and its multi cam it's kind of theatrical browse Connie get that thing. It's and it's great it's a blast that interaction between the actors in the people that are in the studio audience you know kind of keeping each other entertained or in the long out like shoot hours it's a blast you know on the doing Theres a blast we've. That same mentality two hours on a stage of whatever happens happens that thing you can't replicate that's what people still paid you know boatloads of money to go see. Hamilton for 900 dollars in the back of the mezzanine with an obstructed view like people rushed there is that there's an energy that you can't replicate as what people do list of people still. You know pay 900 dollars to go to an adult show because. I don't pay enough now hello from the parking well I yeah. I am not herbal like what are you what do you do that and Adele show like NS card and a crime and crime and laugh she's hole there issue okay really really funny. Again and his sing and see years do you sing as well the John Legend Albany cover. That with the because all they ordinary people I did both actually added I did all of me with some friends government claims sisters or McLean rather. A couple of years. It was like that that the we're an air fuel cover yeah that the died four years that's an amazing song thanks to. If you met Johnson sends. We talked on the phone for for a little while we don't Thomason to manage your stuff and and I talked him from buy after Ari just had a baby and yeah Chris Christie teaching this Christmas hilarious on Twitter by the way she's hilarious. And here she's she's funny. Badly in the huge fan of his yet the video that we're it has says it's as an old video. I need to get it down not the Connie is when when I first started in radio yeah. John Legend came to actually this duty were just at before us a nice and Tom I just started and I walked in to the studios there. And John Legend sitting there with his piano. Out on the evil and like about this thing ordinary people I was like. Lot like it was one of those mostly he's I'm watching John Legend sing ordinary people. In front in my in my face right and of course is the backbone to back in my day this bad before like YouTube and the and then take your twitters I had you know I don't have any like I don't have any proof I had a little brick phone had snake on their own and dazzle and so little Nokia thing exactly yes I have like uniting and captured by as she saw my home there isn't a social media like how does it help Purdue's record. You know there's definitely elements of that that are that are great for. Brands and business damn. You know firms for actors and artists be able to connect with fans and that kind of thing but clearly helping you. I mean you do I pleaded Jews and within like five minutes usually you know it's good let's Daley did hedge ability factor is definitely there it is and then then there's the whole dynamic of people being upset when you don't respond to the mall or pat you have a couple who can link. You can get to everybody you can't but but don't want to isolate tweets you don't and there are like you you respond actually don't you Kyle wanted to Ike seriously like we're. I've got this one that this one fan I'll show out of malice and I don't even know the name at this think he'd be here she will tweet from a different handle all the time of why do you hate your German fans you never respond to us meaning the one thing and that. Like in enemy or are you. Are you kidding we shouldn't play who they get upset people get upset because they think you're. You hate Germany by let's not enough people people get upset because I I I guess I have my phone on me they expect me to be on Twitter and see every tweet did and obviously you do another thing I mean you can't be agree slide. Exactly right. Or you know during the interview I mean I wouldn't care if you did but I mean like I would I would never gets angry like their looks just like they're listening even to mean it like when they don't win Celine domestic itself tweet me your direct message via. Go F yourself might I don't control this like this is not there also behind a phone in the right eleven years old I celebrated. I'll call you back home keyboard gangsters they are it's it's my faith and they're the type thugs aren't that we can you imagine my eleven year old coming at me like if you only. They get laid out more on I was there with you our we have played a couple thousand you're a couple 100000 act or imagine. Yeah and now he's got to figure out how to how to maintain and now an island green for the people. Listen to my music and watch my stuff now I literally wouldn't be able to to do that I love if is it you're really guide yeah I Kennedy at square one and and on some grief on super grateful for for the fans and of course you know I mean. Not a rabbit union the united viewpoints and gave your own snatch can't filter on you know that other station year earlier. No I didn't do that you know stand. No no no nobody goes under the bus and in Georgia in order friends no I I I really appreciate that and that means a lot of hail wanna do something and I'm Michaela has come she has her own website and everywhere and so what I wanna do is on the step away Amelie usage here. Right here. If you got some questions is out of Cain let her ask them questions percent that aren't. Aren't. In the Booth again honestly. It's. To see as the Michaela has perfect teeth. Well they can't they can't they can't see is. If I'm Michaela. 97. And good OK so when I was driving. My way here I was kind of thinking. Everybody kind of wants to be where you are right like. Not just with the fame but with your eggs with your six S and they really did so that's why you thought you average advice. And everybody you know Ali entering the. And then went out and repeat. You know there's that there is that you know that there's a cliche factor to the whole you know don't let anybody tell you that you can't play that kind of thing but there there's. More truth to that I think them you know what we've. What we did it I think that if you do what you love. And only worry about doing what you love. That the financial aspect of things will come naturally. I think that if you love acting if you love for if you lovemaking. He loved it if you love doing whatever it is in the entertainment industry and you know just. For us to verses as we're talking about now. The do it. You know. Do it do because you love it don't do it because you're chasing the hollow things onto it because you're chasing fame that you can know what that you can't give me three reasons why famous like green and how beneficial for now they're there or there are three reasons why. Famous beneficial for your life in the financial aspect of things. There's you know that comes when you put in the time in the work in the effort and all that but really the biggest thing. Is go back to the first thing right now playing about its you know you're gonna get knows. You're gonna audition if you want to do film to order to TV you're gonna get a hundred no's before you get that first yes what you do it's so so sweet but in those knows you have to recognize that. Oftentimes it's a look often times it's you know it's just not the right role for you we're supposed to go to somebody else because somebody else's campaign produce a little bit longer and laying the foundation and half of the relationship with the cast director with the directorate the producer have you. AT and the factors are endless that he continued to do it. People see. And as they see that year the you know that the name the word starts spreading through the industry which might use this date holding up my mind and making a zero with my hands but after. It's this big industry is Tuesday and everybody talks. And if you do what you love and you work hard at a you will. Find success. That's how it's it's it's it's a simple algorithm. Is no crazy chemistry behind it. You you if you keep doing it. And you don't stop doing it and you constantly strive to get better at it and you remain humble when you treat people with decency and kindness. You'll get help and people will love you and people will take care of you the industry well karma is a real thing in now. Got takes care of his and that's just kind of what it is and if you just do with a three can saying hey you constantly just keep working at it. You will eventually find success as a sodas don't no one's an overnight success takes ten years to become an overnight success story not exactly. You'll you know they here's my song on the radio receive my thing on TV years in a movie there we're having though I word this can come from. I've been around for a have been do an event like pay my dues working hard and try to make myself better for nobody sees that that side of things that just. They see the successful parts. But it. That's that's Ilia you know. Put in the work and the board Bassett who worked so okay so your transitioning process like for example you went from. ABC's the speaker the American teenager needs to. Maybe a list richer I continue to passionately repeatedly and that Israel like a mentality you have to have when your transition between. More miniature. Blue last lecture yeah it acts. Think I don't think sounding music and a shift in my mentality and abuse any shift in my kind of cultural plane if you will like I think that. I think that you know being an actor you. You meld and you you you. Create a new mold for yourself for whatever project to working on that point in. I was working on the combating teen wolf at the same time in enemy literally it would. Be on set for the match in the morning and then he tried to San Pedro went to Mike Hsu for teen wolf. And you know two completely different chose to go to different demographics. Just as an actor you kind of just phase into whatever it is that you're doing. This is kind of an enemy that. I think there if there is any kind of like cultural dynamic shift I guess in Jordan Fisher's career and in his life in I've. As I'm growing as a human them you know. And I'm trying to kind of stay away from the the younger demographic in is because I'm an aging music that I make is per unit eighteen to 32 year old. You know people like you. That's that's my that's kind of my my demo and that's kind of what I aim force I think at that point just kind of comes on number and working with your team to make sure that the decisions you make of the projects that you. Taker right for you. And and then one last question. What future projects do you have now like is there anything you know kind of major that you're excited about his I'm excited about it. Now. My album. It's done and I'm excited to share with everybody. That's really that's my life right now is this radio tour and this is day two week of this you know. Nine we extravaganza. Running all over the country and playing shows all over the place and meeting everybody and doing the thing and trying to get my record to get spun and and I get people excited about. My music my my baby when I've been working on tirelessly for the last two years ish. I'm excited to share. Execute. I'm thinking. Again yeah. Nation a better job than I did Altman. I quit unless haven't. Just as crazy as the real quick so they. OK but all about a single. Says when you're pushed you sure Basra. These she's very by the way he's awesome. Yes sharing easier if you treat you well it's had heard. No issues really greatly agreement back and forth and within like 36 answers like. Tolerance works a do this all the time on his time honestly man these these things are sold. Via. When it complained that analogy and I listen pat. Most of us missing our free bus that was a song from you it's amount in the Caylee it's amount. This is your baby this is you know what should what would you look for let me ask first of why this song for the single inspiring question. You know I mean Jordan Fisher. Me and doing I'm I'm I'm. You know trying to develop a sonic on the Haitian people can. Have when they went like when you hear my name that he would have gotten a sound that people currently used to you know. And all about us for the feels that the best way to introduce myself as an artist as a person. Much honor among lane Muster my mind everything that I am and it was in really a question as to which song should have and a should be the first in all of us just the best way to set that tone. And of course they singled to a single three NC before the were you know that are all like a lot of this is your friend know this is this was. They had to pick as the ones are you are you are you. Having a say in any of this does that mean like we hear how record company sometimes that happens I mean how you know how are some. I know he's he's he's just select and you do your house artists they bashed their record company in an all they would never let me do this they'd never let me do this and you know Kelly Clarkson I think was. On times how many how American Idol wouldn't it had every decision made for her or you are you going in saying hey look guys this is it. And they're trusting they. I told what I wanted to do in this that are perfect but it is not set you up pressure though I came out of all your picking it not at all you know. No because I'm I'm doing what I'm confident right and doing what I love making the music that I've wanted to make for forever and I had a video that the music they are my people my direct my TP McCord are gophers might answer is my stylist Robert like they are and I'm able I'm able to do. What I want to do and I have labeled it. Allows develops carriers it ounces are up against the wall and see what sticks. They trust their artists that I'm I'm I'm able to do what I want to do and I love that that's really it started but I mean that's good is an ailing even then he had been just taking that in history aspect of things and luckily it worked for coming that allows me to be creative. But I am in their jocks cross country in there told a you to orbit as you know influence of anything else then. Yeah artists are given songs and they put this on the record. You know you have no choice it's clay it's good that he has. People are allowing you to yet this freedom is once on the record that was forced to hammer everything. There's. And of the last eighty songs. Over the last year. Which attracts. So. Any songs that you didn't put on the album but you know like you know auto prices this the next album. Others handful it and throw them away. I don't know I had to keep going back this will go back and you know lessen things this is Nicholas and it's ours is Austin. About my play normal stuff that Everett and the last like six months year happier. It's like this on October if he does them some limbs a write a song and it's it's enough for me somebody else. But that I have them now on you are given how would not give them the dear go to another arson saying this is what I did and yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah and I think he got in his corn I've got a guy I've got a couple songs in the Japan and enter into that into particulars of the iron. Chorus of yours well. There isn't gonna make albums that. Day and I just I love to create. Mood and Euro like I don't know where you sleep Iowa it would be a time I don't know literally haven't slept and lastly this night at a so this is the aid of wood nine leagues is if we can all cross country. Or is it pretty sick of us and France next week he's sick of frustrated people react on. Oh really hilly and be honest with everybody is different now you know there's definitely some radio. Try not to be like everybody. Got Jordan this year in the studio but it wasn't ready tourists usually and that's finally gets its January February Juarez and hours and if there's authenticity this great summary people like. Our little too big for the britches. And we'll talk off there we don't know who you know don't put it on the air what is it this. Song about a Singh is what. This is all I wanna do this is a song. Audible if you are going to physical. Colder air I have to move doesn't read these clubs are is one until impromptu thing yeah I was on record it's. Here. Thank. On the track. There. And yeah. So. Since. Age twelve being. Hanging. Good. It's. I miss seeing. Him I got this season. Oh let's do this thing. Today. I think back. I'm. Oh I don't know its. He's joining. Us in that game. And it's. Millions. Swear yeah. This is Szilard true. How. Oh lord through this thing happens then. When you think that he. Hello my. Oh yeah and how. I think Obama should scare. Then. This is the today. That's crucial for us need some so you know in the next. Is singing and into any. That's your guy that opponents who is. I. Think about it. Oh lord Nolan is and I'm usually. Train. Hey. No more. It's. News and bad. Pass me so Google. I. Oh you do this and that is being. It. And institutional. Listen. This and it's you know. Sees no changes no. It's paying. Yeah well. I usually unite the three. And the. And it's. Food. Bonus to. In June which means. You. Can. In the yeah. And thanks my hand as far as your question. It is all over your board avenue in. What's. Not proud of K here it this year and this isn't solemn or more questions across and the girl from fifth grade. Yeah ME I mean did you guess it keep option Henry. Who she's kicking yourself for now she's beautiful. In your house our houses try to site. In a row around a regular job yours celeb release I think he's the biggest high school history teacher. Yeah he's he's awesome that he that they've as well you'd be that he. You talked to are still. I deleted my FaceBook earlier this actually so really adds that we don't get cigarettes. Yes. Again I just the fan page area sank again it can damage that I've you know. It's just got to be too much and I aids it once and woe is I people's trauma and and then out of everybody that like kind of once. You know claim me kind of scared grows in and ruin. Yeah there's. Funny enough claim you are alone and just kind of like you know. All I and so Craig people like from Birmingham that I didn't even know really like to come from Birmingham I always god see an article the Billick so. Around the security handling. We and I knew him. Well you gotta mean it's people that I. And it really in new you know this is only part of the community. And I have my my people my litmus circles that. Mean you know the world and then in the thinkers in didn't. Is well I mean we we dated fifth grade I just hit a grade and the like awkwardly waving to each other in the hallway and maybe I hands and easy hold hands you get lucky I have Gavin that was the best answers. That but it's fun eggs hurt her brother Ahmad Christian and he and I were in every grade together growing up and then I actually taught. They're little sister dance. And that her dad was my baseball coach saying yet that that that really cool ice cream shop and trust Phil Alabama where I'm originally from Sony has been Birmingham yet here even through until due to show that next month hey you know and the cute. Yes we are go to the USC as you grumble listen had to edit magic you're gonna Silas. Cited ninths on wanted to reset is okay he used to work here no way a C nines here and now he's back here no way. Macy's yet he's generated now but I I was when asked if you know Silas. Nobody Chris. Filmed there's a football showed it on MTV. Those toned down there to remember that. Or as to who it is that was at issue. Maybe it sounds like a football thing that's who it is a dazzling you've got to football's huge I mean on soda. MBA he was on the MTV like. Circuit dunes today users and some passion of abortion have been down there. And then he. Now he's tonight motion picture news while exactly what you're worth in the queue like I mean he started out doing just like. Films around Greenville here you know for himself just to kind of get known and then now canyon casts and things everybody in Austin. But to ansari and into the early mark down. As good as she's out there man she's. As they should do well. Another man I appreciate you countries to suit your Helena and you appreciate and has likewise region that he says.