Friday, January 5th

With this cold weather, Tom wants to talk about some of the things you don't want to leave in your car, or outside..  Listen up, this could save you money..


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You don't get going higher probably the bigger animal lovers here on the show. And I he's known for certain mistreating her animals. Well we have a bit of internal buried out I'll bet if panicked and jumped out went around came a point there aren't stop you'll get the wrong impression. And hockey indeed that well either you gave away a dog lines. I notice given to using gift bags kids constantly. That's true and you did how we'll give you credit you took in a cat that was your restaurant and then you're kind of in the better balance there again and I'm allergic to yet so that Kato's pried the most vocal about it he's always reminding people to not leave their dogs outside in the heat and also if it's cold outside to bring a man yet. And so bomb actually wanted to talk about some of the things you don't want to leaving your car or outdoors when it's cold like this and pets as one of the first things that comes to mind yet now if you have. Siberian Huskies that if train for the Iditarod sled race in Alaska maybe it's okay for them to be outside the most house dogs are ready for that in this kind of temperatures for the Iditarod got. Do you know it's now clear they have those two hitters. I need it diatribe rider that I caught the idiot tried because anyone who would do that trotting through the snow in the cold light that is an idiot. I think size how do you see any and I Iditarod then yes the I think I hate asking it to make it not sound and half half half. I'm Iditarod. Well Malia ride it's actually idiot tried. And and as well anyway here are some things you shouldn't leave in your car when it's this cold today are your cell phones. Or anything with batteries and it you may not know this other than your car battery which has been specifically designed to handle it and even so you'll notice sometimes you battery gets weak in the cold but. Battery suffer in the cold and a cell phones you can actually have shut off or worse NASA the battery. Also when your screen as ice cold can crack more easily. And drop it it's more likely to crack in the winter. OK any thing we is water in it soda beer any kind of drinks once they freeze they expands. On that day really left on the Starbucks coffees in there and it was it's all. IC. And hated it because it is paced funny. Ha ha ha I'm. That's not the issue. That's when they cracked open and still out on you know bar now I prefer hot coffee not iced coffee yeah and I was really. Not the right thing. And being canned foods have similar problems. With a canned and it's got a lot of water content again split open and a lot of times they'll split opinion mean notices and they start to rot or go bad and then you don't know that you sick. Or you open it to use it and see that it's gone bad. Okay musical instruments. If for example a guitar is one of the woods can crack it it's too cold and even if that doesn't happen they into war indeed attitude and yet even in your house when the older. It I mean they they have yet to just I guess that would include Japan to lay in its most people don't keep those in their car Ali. Have a very big trunk. From the get that round how. I mean I've ever heard of all and I guess you can't Eleanor throughout Africa. At the on accomplice. Picked her it's does that that's the first that plays the piano or are item medications certain drugs can lose their effectiveness if they get to called a lot of times you see on the side of prescription bottles they keep it within a certain temperature range and I think I'm not sure thing in my view antibiotics but there's some drugs that will definitely lose their ability to do what they're supposed to do that. Had been another interesting thing is a low gas tank they say keeping your gas tank too low. Can allow fuel lines to freeze. Yan also be sure to check your anti freeze. Cold weather also lowers your tire pressure so if you don't have the built engages. Then be sure to check it when he gets Coke which you can lose 68 pounds of air pressure. Grant like a person. There hiding yesterday keep an up and all this just make it warmer outside I can't do that Cato I'm sorry. You don't have to watch reform make up leaving your makeup and the car yeah why. 'cause this same. They can freeze it can become contaminated. Yeah let's let's hearted or not whether like you know you some of that Calkins that they put on and blending. I'm and that's not on my list I don't think you can make you sicker whatever she says no but going back to one that was on your list about the cell phones and confident in the battery dies faster. And I actually left mine in the car. Overnight and you Syria and her teeth were chattering it's hard to even understand. When she's thing. You don't even have Syria are. I thought I was funny it was a good attempt at humor and how reserves. Necessary. Here. At home guy. I went there. I. Think hawks stayed in his car overnight hot and it messed up his battery out and funny joke. They don't need it to me anyway.