Wednesday, September 19th

Here's another episode of Ferret Time...and this time, Edwin McCain gets in on the conversation..

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Edwin McCain hanging out what this right now in the studio. And at one last time you were and we didn't have this segment but we've got a new segment on the show and Heidi he's even got a little theme song for it. If I have new pets at home Heidi. Reasoning it's and with. Tom and we were working and can Fatah al-Qaeda. Like that air time you have parents I have spirits now I am an exotic pet owner and I used to make fun of people who had we are pets like that. But my daughter is nine years old going on sixteen. And he convinced her mother first that we should get there it's and then my wife looked into is like oh you got to get to say they won't be lonely and the next thing you know I got to rodents. Who've been all over my house. Guys on trying to litter train them. And I bring this up because I imagine you is having than usual pets too. I have. The same love for my daughter and and I love my daughter's so much that I now live and house with a two law. OK I hope all of which is. In it I it's got to be light years worse than fair oh believe it or not hide I'm not sure spirits are pretty and that's the interesting creatures know you but there shall always I don't know two Wallace have none of those qualities okay. My sister in law had a two while that was mean he's listen he he does and he's so schizophrenic I mean he's bark ME one minute. And like I give him bacon yeah and in scratches belly and I and I've bike and made every. Diplomatic move I can make any easy hateful. And I would shoot him out of the cannon. Cops on television and not feel anything. Can destroy you all but I won't because all of my writer. Yeah you know and hers was the same lines like it would make that vicious. And even nimble or by your finger hadn't seen that guy on the Internet who talks about patting his dog and it raises is oxy Towson levels and as he's petting the dog. Yeah I. I'd ask so funny to watch. Always there's Shalala there is some wrong which shall always I will give you that and listen I mean million dollars table stuff from the two wallow owners association but whatever if you love him so much come get him I have to. That's funny well I got these spirits I didn't know what to expect and first of all you're supposed to be able to litter train and the that proved to be difficult for our parents and ferret still hoop like dogs or people. They are light a fire hydrants and that it's it's a more like a fire hose I guess it just a huge. Like instant on instant off and it's just it's great. He had so you don't just go around in with a tissue and take a clump up you get a carpet steamer. Rahal. So it was not find trying to get these guys to where they are now which is about 90% body change. Which is like still way not good NAFTA they know their names yes I think so okay they are domesticated they're not wild animals they are friendly they don't run from you today you know stick around if they get out of their cage it'll run for the hills elements blow. Or by OJ angles yeah and on TV to cell line legally pride and I didn't nibbles and that's because she bites the crap out of you aren't a lot. Actually doubles now I will go and we've got a little enclosure where it's outside the cage but it's still kind of these plastic little walls. And I'll get in there within the laid down. And just let him run around in your clothes and stuff it's cute right big Saturn. Bode jails has gotten to where he'll climb in my shirt and then once he thinks I'm not paying attention he bites my belly Powell or my nipple he bit my nipple the other day kit if you lose a nipple through a fair values as tell anyone now you know I'm. You you've got experience with her infant in now now when you were shirtless as little. You know when you had the golden years maybe no and have a shirt on candidate and not me either. Yeah. A ten day. Well yeah yeah I will say this if I ever do this in nipple to have ferret I won't tell anyone that I did but you can basically have brought to a hot hot hot and there's a YouTube video or in this immediate fix up a beaver and bites is the polo in Italy areas yeah yeah I'd say it's darwinism network. Had his spoken publicly so all of this is this beavers like are you bigamy W could go to the bigger account. I'm gonna get it to beaver I don't know early get out is on you do not come and I just how. We just lost a 100000 people who just carry the phone right out there that I thought that he. I. Took him and thank you ready for growing that I have not been bored in the lives. So. I'm so happy that your educating us on parents. Special time for Aruba I want learn more about B. Eager what how. Or that might even Heidi things. Season no more about a that I know. Okay. I don't even know how we guy here yeah you invited me here this morning. Or we would a guy here without an.