Friday, August 17th

There's a restaurant that's getting threats because they changed their fries..  Tom has the story here, listen up..

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Here's as an example of people acting poorly and it's kind of a mixed. Boat if you ask me I feel like it may be both sides need to learn something from this. But this is made national news owners of a main restaurant who were known for serving up hot dogs and critical Fries. And have encountered a disturbing case of hot style customers in recent weeks than they change their menu up and they swapped out the critical cut Fries for straight cut Fries. Gone now Leslie Parsons is owner of the volleys famous francs in Waterville Maine she said in his statement that while there's an understanding that Brinkley deep fried potatoes were the long standing traditional fry at the restaurant. The decision to change up the menu is financial and other than the shape changed the quality and care put into the Fries remains the same room but some customers. Art happen it they are very upset about these new Fries that they have a a one man. Tried to fight them about it. Okay. And she said people come in with a negative attitude that the Fries or not the same. And it's a tough sale for them. Many of the customers have respectfully discuss the change. But she says she will not tolerate being sworn that. Threatened with physical harm to herself her husband and her children that's unacceptable. She apologizes to the customers who would prefer a critical cut fry. But they're not changing back because she says the critical cut fry machine has plenty break blades that break all the time. And it was expensive to keep replacing them the blades that's the cost of doing business for what. People obviously lie policy claims that they're using the same quality potatoes they're still fresh cut but it's just a straight cut fry machine. Did Heidi what you brought up is what I kind of felt ill and there are two sides of the story I mean she seems to think that everyone should just accept the fact that. There are good you serve it up the regular Fries now and it's still the same potatoes so tough slot but. I think prequel cut changes the Kristina said it in the way it feels. And awaited taste has the catch it holds on their differently it's like someone's hand and you. A straight fry when you drive across town for a currently Frye and they tell you and I'm making them anymore. It's hard to bring I didn't feel my heart rate I wanna start a national campaign French Fries manner. Okay they can French Fries lives matter. You can do strike Huntsman is OO French Fries in this weather looks to go back to the draw. A guy experience makes the whole meal I think I think with your hamburgers good whatever though would it be him. But the French Fries are like that talking on okay. It's like if you get the beacon drive in and all of a sudden there's not a planning eaters asylum. A little better a little better seriously people would be open arms they boycott. Well and that's what they should do oh you shouldn't fight the owner over critical cut Fries that is wrong and that's what I think she's saying. But you should vote with your wallet and say oh you don't have critical cut Fries and hello I'm gonna go somewhere else. Charge more for misty needs and that's what I was gonna say offers straight cut and sprinkle Qaeda say the critical cut costs fifty cents more because the blazer flimsy and they break all the time. Now I think that it's their business they can change whatever they want they conservative there all but I'm waiting Tom served the critical Fries. Charged another five dollars a boxing and of the plate full in. Pay for the blade. Five dollars a lot of money is someone explain to me this is. This is why I did away with the Fries or this is why I'm raising the price I would have a better understanding of that not just thinking a they're trying to gash the customer. Her reason for that for the price increase well. You have to wonder if the blades cost so much is it something where if they raise the price when he since would that cover it yeah everyone chipped in an extra money since I mean that would seem smarter than just. American people so mad they wanna fight yet. But people would protest that I think people are on edge these days and they where rated defied anyone over every little bitty thing fry is really get a life and now you know it's important I know but I'm not gonna fight someone. French Fries you matters. It doesn't and I. I. The funny thing about the Fries like even went so the other restaurants they changed the formula in the grease yours I mean it's like the Fries don't taste the same way and they go back to the original if they can't is likely they go zero trans fat they're not gonna go back to. Lots at giants bats well you know and there's go to places for when I'm in my prime is right you know I want a big fan from where my only thought Rutgers actually at the records is honestly probably the best Fries a little skinny for a we McDonald's now McDonald's yeah you know curly proud early for hard at noon hazard they're dots. Sonic I have had to think about big go to oh potato cakes daily cakes Dolan to. I don't know RVs Arnie has our dictator yeah they got I was fairly surprised ought but around they have curly Fries objective about it and yeah. But you know prizes the side dish remain I have to find out what I want my main nobody and then the Fries are on the side I'm with hawk is the Fries are there almost as important as the main Taylor Price French Fries man but about onion rings. That adds I'm in ring time in Lima you know you guys got a blooming onion you've got awesome awesome yet they can. But onion rings matter doesn't have the same. We guess it's Fries right now I Sadr. Yeah.