Tuesday, July 10th

Hey Guys..  What would you do if your date insisted on paying for half your date?  Listen and find out what women are saying..

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71% a man say they find this attractive one woman does it on a date I think I know audiences this. I think it is. Nods her head yes it again our looks at him or speaks to a man no I'm still here yes. The above anything. Good out there after. Percent of men say that they kind of woman attractive when she insist on splitting the restaurant that my gosh that's crazy happening to this war. We lived on. We distillery is dead and I'm just curious. Let's let's say I mean it's a case she asks veneman you letting there in the says insists the line yeah and she isn't on the second game may be so here's what I asked the girls have you ever offered to pay for the day yes. OK so you was but the restaurant dale. And that means they don't want. They have a romantic time with this guy that's their way of saying. I'm not interest and you say these guys are idiots that aghast they think it's attractive yet there is you know it's they're cheap skates still. Now Thomas I particularly want to go with them and I figured I had to pay for an OK and that's it and laid out. How so I have to pay for a second day now but now. C'mon ladies it's demand better than that we'll get there and second Darby. And the first date now but after a while like say we get to the navy's and he buys it take its like Al volunteered to buy popcorn and a journey. If you're in somewhat of a relationship. As navy not a serious but at least you're going out regularly it's different yes but when you. First start dating that guy needs to be putting his best foot forward because we all know that's the best he'll ever be. On cash and a good. I think Jack what you it's gonna go down from there she's offerings like while we just let the chase now you said insisting. Yeah that's like not been taken no for an answer and is KO pointed out you can you can offer but he should say at that point now this guy might treat I wanna take care of you are still happy to spend time with you. That was funny. Okay yeah now and older this one time. And immediately I realized that she didn't think of it as a day brow or it wasn't going to be a second and on (%expletive) at that point I was not going get a good night Kim and she was you know very good looking. Friends down. Yes you sound mono that and it was a horrible feeling when she says this so I don't think girls should Davis. Now or the other way around the guys with the girl he's going yeah this is calling this is going to be the final date we G split the check but. Many. That's OK I think there and only one day ahead he says he knows reality. Is it he's like he's an on purpose like this is not what. So can you just let the chair and Kyle over her somehow I hang what does she says I just wanna pay the whole thing. Really. Like I wanna pay for everything so I don't owe you anything and send you a moment and guy that's really never have enemy. Who say. That would be that it is. Everybody works hard for their money you don't wanna be taken advantage but at the same time you do wanna be spoiled occasionally especially on a first statement trying to get to know each other and it's funny because I'm the guy that says if a guy since you would drink Covert you need to have a conversation with and he said you would drink for a reason but I think on a first date or a first few days he should apply. When you know that what I'm saying that's two different angles on that but I'm just saying today he's. I apparently some of these guys they think it's attractive when mormons as youths but the maybe that's their way of feeling better about the fact they just got friends elements. That. It attracted map to come out of pocket for the whole thing. He's like he had daddy's awesome she paid for half and gotten in touch wither since the end it was a good day college opera though it's involved. You know what your you're absolutely right it is her own fault she shouldn't she needs to be she just needs to be the girl on the day that the man be the man. Let him and give it to them down Debbie 08. Mean just let them half of them have gotten the opportunity to pay done to be averted every damn Debbie downer I'm. My mom. Authentication. And.