Friday, January 12th

Did you know that people HATE humblebragging.  If you're not familiar with "humblebragging," it's when someone brags . . . almost always on social media . . . but tries to disguise it as a negative thing.  Listen to the latest podcast and make sure you're not hated by your friends..   


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This is something that ladies deal with a lot but I think all people do it's called the humble Bragg are familiar with humbled bragging. My dog give you an example of that let's say I can in the work I'm like oh my eight Josh I got my tax bill again on the car you know it's horrible haven't owns such an expensive nice car because the taxes are so high on its just. So frustrating to have to pace it's higher taxes on my awesome Corvette ZR one's 638 horsepower vehicle mandates. That see that's me that's not humble that's. It's borderline Bragman Nestle and humble Bragg is either acting like oh man I hate to have implored. Haiti's high taxes on this awesome car and I think of humble bragging at something like. I really am the best cancer really know that's not normal right that's right bragging and really Saddam Hussein humbly none. I'm I asked. Here's another example of bumble brag but I do like. You know it's just tough on someone like me be in the superstar the state having to tell so many women that I am not available now as I'm Mary it's just hard you know I had that. It's tough on me or I could just be a brag or Ringo and I tell these women I'm not available on an area that's tough. Yeah and now that's a straightforward bragging right now I did it okay well they did some research on this and guess what line. People hate your guts whenever you humble Bragg and they actually like you better if you just straight up tell the brag out right so they liked my version matter. I don't know what you meant by that the way I said I mean I really am the best cancer. Kinda like that that was weird how you said it like who are in the in the best user and you know what you're doing that part you were talking differently humbly it is easier. It is not a horrible right it's a creepy brag. Who. Would have been concerned. You got a whole other ha ha ha ha I don't I got. To be clear about a variety as creepy brag. All right that they're you know here is the interesting thing I don't think it's a big surprise that people dislike humble bragging more than they like regular bragging but the best trick of all the best way that you can brag and have people like you or not be annoyed by Adam is that we me and brag but then you have wanted your friends or her family or somebody that you know do the bragging for yields fell like my best friend he'd say. Qaeda really is the best kisser OK you know Qaeda leaders to. I've been an apple and a half black half. I could also be the last oh man conjured does have a lot of women asking him now that he's. He's true to his wife and he must be tough for him yeah okay see that like on FaceBook girls and dry you know like. Yes get on that yes. That is brag so taxing I don't know why. When is so hard being the most beautiful girl in the room because all the guys asked me out and I feel so bad letting them down that's a humble brag that you get on base all I can but if her friend was to go oh my gosh every time Angelina walks in the room all the guys go over and hit on her she must be wore out from all of that doubt awards really because I would feel bad for the person saying like are you jealous that she gets the dates are you not getting any days are you had she's getting more dates that means that you have to get your Freeman on the Bragg well implicate conduct over here okay. Make you brag about in from the your or from the you would in theory needs to do that if your friend didn't do it automatically Gloria noted it right and that's why I'm shared it with you today is you can get your friends to do this for you on FaceBook or something they can go on your page at me like oh my guys. You know Kato is the best kisser in the whole world elegy you know and the W I did what are you talking about how do you know or whatever you stood in the UZ. I. If my friend. I don't like to.