Wednesday, July 18th

There's a way to tell if you're intelligent....listen and Hawk will tell you..   BTW, you must have a dog to participate..

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Well if you do this to your dog. You are more intelligent. I'm gonna guess this I think it's let them licked the inside of your mouth at. You the time yeah. A Smart topped or John. OK Heidi you're correct. Yeah they called only guest is an OK talk to your dog here. I knew I'd get a hug today a new study from the University of Chicago people who talk to their dogs or more intelligent than people. Who don't talk to their doll that's good because I talked to my dog and that same study dogs who talked to their owners. Are are more intelligent are either cartoon characters or alcohol induced hallucinations yeah. This lets you know if you don't talk to you at any time well I will say that what I say to my dog isn't very intelligent. And again but I did talk to I mean I tell me it's a good boy in the tell my love them and asked if he wants a tree which is stupid question because he always wants its street so I might as well it's just give it to them. Now when you talk to your dog content he just use your regular voice he is the dog voice that day the higher pitch and all that's something like you're talking to abate. Yeah and is similar to that again now who's Google and this ignoble and you'll notice like liberally didn't fall for that so you did it instead he wanted to straighten your opponent tree. Right now picture. Yet. You know he always. Get wagged his tail. I'm shocked shocked I he's got to I can't control that. Where's my treat them. I got your better finger bite it don't mean it's true. Where did they even know but there have been no big lay a finger on her butter. Anyway. Trips. There holders of butter finger us. And it's like where the butter fingers and a daughter under horrible is that might treat. The anyway he is so Heidi when you have any animals around you talk to him ask I'm going to push you out yeah. Bad kitty cat halfback pass. Yeah. I know is that that turned out to the end came when a cat fell the two story was I was very sad the way you tell us. That. That it happened that she hurt how hurt she ran a pack of steers everything's fine. Well you sign again landed us four feet which is amazing well they say they is that they return to their abusers shocks to. She fell out accidentally I can get this 14% of pet owners. Have done this while on vacation they hold their home phone numbers of the dog can just hear their voice yeah okay your dad had owner if you left your dog at home on vacation. You did was called them on the answering machine. Our eyesight yours thank goodness because you didn't use facetime at. Based I'm much better to use with the dog and just a plane you know tax your own culture dog to actually work for a Stan and it's amazing. Heidi just face time as well she pushes the wind. Beckett. Then on the day that you'll call home sometimes when you work. Well I don't have an answer machine anymore so now she listens to the radio way de easy yeah. He outlined she's probably looking around thinking them well I know me. A cruel. I had hit and I talked to them but I would use my regular voice when I was saying at times we've told this before bit. I'll be sad when I was a teenager now gone talked to my little dog little Angel and I would say you know please don't understand two months mom and don't understand in the our bitch Angel hated that here he comes again if I click let's dig a hole and hide. So we're pushing out the window. We're retired it was on this contract. And put it in my life or our conversation about it is not a good. So now let me adjacent field doing that I don't have made our. Though that if you did yeah yeah. I think it's it seriously you had your dog Angel to talk to him surmise that teenagers to. Could you imagine having no friends at all yeah Tom how bath or yeah. The we both have issues. I just don't it. I don't have to imagine it's there. Okay. A. We'll talk to hook my my dog Angel but he anyone but you guys the butter yes it. And a I.