Wednesday, April 11th

Did you know that men are more likely to think their the smartest ones in the room than women.  Yep, Tom will explain, just listen up..

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Talk whenever you're in a room with a bunch of people do you ever consider yourself or think of yourself as maybe be in the smartest one in the room. No no I hope I'm incomplete team to a lot but I know you don't really think you're done. I mean I don't think of as dumb as you think I am OK yes. That's fair okay. It usually is my brain thank god. We're not lie. Honorable and bad. That I don't know we might all could fit. What about maybe if you're with the group school kids you probably feel like you're the smartest one in the room then why great. Yeah. That. So nice and well we don't middles and I think. As well there is that as a I know who are going to be fun and I know you learn. What whole subject is it if they say that men are more likely to think they're the smartest one in the room than women are history. They did this study and they looked at about 200 students in upper level physiology class you're asking what subject no and what is that I never thought about it made and you got our pity on him. They asked them to compare their intelligence to the wrath. Of the class and to the student in the class they work would most closely. On average men were significantly more likely than women to think they were the smarter one of the two classmates. Men were also more likely to think they were the smartest one in the whole class. They say that this has the importance because students who have higher academic opinion of themselves are more likely to participate in discussions and learn better so they kind of self fulfill they end up being smarter because they believe they're smarter so they take more active. Approach the class. Now there's exceptions to this and I experience one of those exceptions not long ago. My son is in a small group for small niche of people. That won his hobbies is he likes to solve root excuse. And that is believe it or not a subculture or a group of people in America that actually has organization and competitions. Dislike you know my son likes to get ice cubes out of the refrigerator. Tag just to show you different is they're a group of that today it they have competitions. You can time him he's pretty good okay. All my son went to a competition in Charleston. And there were all these people in the room a lot of nerds were in their I was surprised how many geeky nerdy kids there where thank goodness my eyes and so on is now on Oprah right. But one thing I noticed is there was an Asian girl in there. And I don't know how you can just to hell but sometimes you can just tell when someone Smart. Or when they're smarter than you. This girl was that person I knew right away MI back girls smarter than us you're smarter than me she's smarter and prior everyone in this room. And I was right she went on to win the competition she saw a room ex Cuban he had to do it five times that to your best and worst and threw him out so his average of your middle three she averaged ten point eight seconds. Solving a scrambled groove excuse. Okay it takes me about that much time to look at it. Okay I've never solve the rib XQ deny lie herself my sign didn't make it two rounds to. It was too slow that would happen faster is usually at 1038 seconds was his time at some monies solve the root of ex Cuban 38 Zach laugh and he did not make it around him nominate him but what about her for a second it's ten seconds I'm like. Pick it up on the next one well taken that at the whale worksheet you they bring it over a box you can't see it okay they set it down it had in front view. And you're allowed to have up to fifteen seconds to examining you cannot turn it or change it but you can rotated and look at it you can't turn than the actual things around them. Then you set it down your place both your hands on this little pad. And when you take your hands off the timer starts and I don't think just from that point on to that's second to grab it they're pretty quick in a second to grab it and I'll show you videos these kids pick them up and starts men and women the record the world record is about five seconds. To do over because to do a rib XQ but this girl was doing ten seconds and that is pretty astonishing to see. I was pretty psyched when my son did 38 seconds that was his personal best ever needed it in competition on them are pretty excited. But 38 seconds solve moderately skew wasn't even good enough to go around to. She was how many more ground in wanna say fifty cent since it was 75 in the total group they took top 75%. Of those which was like 56. So yes here you are and you can solve Peru which Cuban 38 seconds and you're not able to move on to around two that's how competition now strong. Toys then mock. You would still be there yet and now I'm probably I would choose to be honest Lydia I'm trying to think the game that I can do in 38 states. Like. Go fish OK you know again team in the cards stolen there labs and yet you know operation. Go yelled then. It's not a game well but you can you can get done in 38 seconds 'cause it quits then and not me you can go longer in any longer and was the I. Well have to find a contest that you can do that corners. Play in the game of quarters redeem your body Zack and do that less than Thursday iTunes in the market booming market more in the last pretty fast okay are you about the drinking part yen but well now and I can get the quarter in the really. Pretty good but it's gonna tell my side maybe he can do that that's the new competition coming at least you know it's fun I was scared away for in this Kiki ruby excuse. Like I really where exactly did you go to uncle Kato's house this week yeah. They're all yeah. But yeah.