Thursday, July 19th

Tom asked how we put on our socks.....and if we answered wrong, we're serial killers..  Haha.  Listen and find out where you stand..

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I saw something interesting on FaceBook yesterday. Obama this was eight prose that was started out as what I thought was a friendly post and in the that was several people are infringing each other on the paid and two people who I think had been friends since high school vowing to never speak to one another again. And the original post asked the simple question. They said I'm trying to figure out which is the best way to put on your socks and issues. Do you go Sox thought she you she knew or sock she used to watch you. Obviously someone posted obviously the correct answer is sock sock she issue if the you do it the other way your probably a serial killer. Mob that started a war are on this hook up people talking about whether they do socks shoes socks she'll or sock sock shoe shoe. Now can I have nothing that I'm a sock sock shoe shoe person again. I don't really think that I can do it the other way because my want for it was still connected while the other what was completely dressed. Understood they had just came from somewhere really quickly at least when she would thought time. He'd be like the eighth because lopsided. At least you only want her to be well it'll. Well I'm one of those. What. Can't think of like a the quiz you know yes a fantasy may be like you know controllers on the needle for. You know. Yeah that would be that you care they can get a way but I heard she she just now. She issue that's what I've heard yeah yeah I when he she's a well that. This actually caused problems with friendship. People got mad about it because what happens is you start off with a simple thing like sock sock she she were sucks you sucks you and then someone guzzle if you do it the other way you're stupid and then the next thing you're like wow you're stupid. There were items like well if you do sock sock she shield. Then you can run away from an accident better than the other person does know if you can sock shoes socks you that we still have a shoe on one foot and a I said that's happened because then you hop along like a troll at Edison. I. I did that. Today Yancy down I had it. I do Sox hot pants she Hsu found out that my socks on the part of my pants and meets the Acadia. Yeah. My underwear on the former Sox now yeah I don't know I got to sit down at I don't know bloody socks socks underwear. And man. You've got a spot on your carpet under your bed that I don't want it ever be around and not. Have to sit down to put on yourself. Out. When you jump up in the air oddest. Where's my I'm too tired to do that anymore you're just over and over now over a little bit and pull your leg up until it's gone you got to remember hawk wipes his bottom in the bathroom that way it is though he bends over grabs his ankles and why says it. That she is she why it was. So. I can and yeah yeah. And whenever I am and that's. Have a radical favorite at stocks. He says it's pleased with the love and sprinted to a good already. And that.