Monday, July 9th

Research says that hovering over the toilet may be worse for you..  Why?

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They came out always summaries search today that I don't know if I'd buy into or not. You know they claim that hovering over the well it may be worse for you than just plopped in your Fanny down on that nasty seats. It's in serious I think I could see how that could be duplicated what why do you think that because your tightening so many things that to me here's a hold yourself up and when positioned right everything is not free flowing like it chant your tightening the wrong muscles is well everything the whole losers out some time. I would think the leg cramp and you can get a leg cramp and also you go crashing to the floor we'll sturdier than just Clinton had. That's not. Heidi I got a the doctors say when you hover it makes the muscles that your adds back legs and other areas really tense. And that makes it harder for you to do the business that you came there to do. You do it often enough you could end up with our hernia home wise they say that there's other things. Happen and I'm not gonna mention on the radio this morning good. But that you can't with the various infections and problems as well. So. Eden and infections when you sit down on this is this is infections because you're not emptying every. But they say that sitting on the toilet. Is not likely. Give you any intestinal diseases or anything because you really don't touch your butt cheeks that much anyway. So I guess they're saying it's better to get germs on your bottom than it is to do all that stuff to your body yeah. I feel like that that's not completely fair because they say though you know yours sensing these muscles and you're gonna get a hernia. But isn't that what weight of the actors do anyway is strained their muscles to build them up. Yeah but not when they're trying to. Go out. Ballard not competitions a lot more answer around. Good on the I think that that's that you eventually over time with hovering it seems like you would just build up strength. Well I think two girls are trying to find that hovering thing what do you mean he's been covering for years do you that's why you seem go to the bathroom and payers now they can they're holding each other I think I'd still like the an acrobatic swears they grab all the both hands yes literally means he's out having her. That's a good friends say this is sure you Wear high heels is like Beth remote. That's true road say an uncertain so way. And LA. You have the tallest or close enough that it's about a cease all war on in the how. Can. Why do you big yet you know a lot of women using handicap styles. Because of the hand rails I was like a dismount it like half. Skip perfect end I heard this announced. That's just so bizarre to me I will say I'm not a hover person I don't have streaks. Ever Leah and do what I need to hit and so all of cleaner. I go in on a janitor I I go any get a huge wad of toilet paper I clean that seat off before I ever plop my Fanny on it and women who clean or they just delay the paper Seattle settled by the lay in a process just smear and germs are out I disagree I'm clean and I and back. We have the wet wipes and our bathrooms here or. And I'll give one of those well wives and clean that seat down and then dry it off real good with a big water toilet paper. Market bottom is clean my hands might not be that my bottom is clean and. And I had to like what we have to do you have those sheets that you just pull out and you put on top of the toilet. OK it's like yeah yeah under the cover the whole toilet seat. You're supposed to poke holes. In the middle yes it's you know hoax sat out. I think yeah 130 years and if he hadn't used it let me now. Yeah. I learned that the hard. I. Wow yeah FF yeah.