Wednesday, May 23rd

How do you know if the guy you're talking to is a creep?  Hawk has the things you need to look for.....and Tom made the list several times.  Haha!!

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Well ladies in our guy might not say a word he might cast your glance or send you flowers but if he does what he's definitely interested in years. Both in the corridor for you. If he touches your back. I thought that was that he's definitely a creature you know I thought the same thing on the red. I'm like you know for guys to your back he's probably creepy. Now. It's just a gentle touch on the you know. Back. You know area right here like an even lower back caused a small of your back is helping you through that door away and he just kind of puts his hand on your back and I think that's some of that yet not if he's ready to go from here. You love it when everyone who does that gorgeous with certain piano only certainty about exactly what strangers rarely touch and he. Depends on the stranger but okay stranger danger ahead. But you know what I do research on creeping us now Tom this is where you Shia okay politics. I'm an interest as he did research on it into making guys creep according to sell its OK okay he touches you frequently. I do that in my life and she doesn't consider creepy okay that's different okay it'll if he has a stranger stranger danger from today. Even a friendly hug or you know may be. He cannot come open like you need your neck massage. Or someone that you always see and you know your Ollie is gonna get. He's gonna always try to hunt and you ask you there's those guys work and I have got a hug bringing in here and know what they're thinking I think and her movies or mashed up against me. Weeks that's all you know that's why are comfortable about it you know that they are creatures I don't think that I'm hugging everybody at work. Yeah here yeah. And things like guy creep according to science if he asked to take a picture of you. Of course unless your balance and him plates on popular hit wild ride in the units at army and it's okay take. I get a picture. Take. A picture again you know we go downtown a lot for Warrick. And there's always this guy who I thought was a member of the press. Because he's always ask and people that take pictures. And particularly women and I found out he's not he's just a treat her. He just takes pictures of women. Brian bats but what you do that it's wanna say hey let's take a picture is way different when he says. I'd like to take a picture of you and that's we're pretty weird when they take a picture with you they don't know you well a lot of fans well that's different yes. And bodies over that guys might go it's ever it's time I see that you and Mary you're just grows more conscious lately on the cover half. Okay this safety ask for personal details about your fan. We are starting to talk about you know your family to find out. You know small talk about even being asked to do with you it's too personal yet now getting in your space a little bit that's. He might creep according. According to science is this is this. What does science exactly. That particular facility that you have. And that's not you saw her and according to science. What the headline in. He steers conversation inappropriate subjects we know that now that's an easy way. No that's that's everyone in this room. Well we always steer things inappropriate subjects. OK I don't probably end up talking about the bathroom before this is. And finally of things that make you guys creep according to science. He has greasy hair. Now count that's true they say bad hygiene can be a sign that someone is nowhere or. Or doesn't care about the impression they make on others a definite creeping this red line. So they don't know it about their hygiene stated on the Winston appropriate what they're doing at the office as well bred they don't understand social cues right exactly. But I can look over time and I am. I unhappy sparkly clean he'd let I'm I'm. Yeah. I know it's a product. And it blitz by the wrong impression. Three and the camera and the next on the list that they say they're not a creep right. Yeah I got you barely got to the end.