Wednesday, May 23rd

What's something that men own an average of 10, while women have an average of 3..   Give up?  Hawk will tell ya..

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Well we've talked a lot about women's fashions and close over the years of course we know they have like 5011 she used in their claws and young ladies we've talked about person is there more here on the show we talked about women's fashion when it comes to Sox. This trend that is. That don't we even be allowed to talk about fashion. But I don't mean it's not like we're expert here anyway right Tom that. Today issue is that funny he said go ahead will most women have three of these that your average guy has over ten of the. I know it's not she is now now on mine okay wallets. Okay. I don't think passion but passion and hi guys who can help and he says. The women have three times well and then Friday afternoon and you know you do see that women in the wage is likely to lose them. Hats. Room yeah. How many have more because of the visor thing will capsule at the enemy camps and you're column that you know just ball caps supply and and I'm don't think you know. The heads that you why don't you think about it you have because I do have a lot of hats and not all of mine are ten. I think it's interesting that you bring this up right now because the royal Wedd almighty being featured some of the weirdest hats at yeah. All right good I mean there there were famous royal people wearing hats that looked like a biology book. I'm like that's a body part I have. Pork in the underwear on their head. Assaulted a fake photo had come Camilla and name. Her had like a big deli tray yeah. Seizes all around it with a. They did they have it exists crane he had Austria all this likely Kentucky Derby what do you think of really weird hats are fashionable has I think the content eatery yet this was different the Kentucky Derby this was really weird hats. Heidi we've seen in some weird Wednesday yes I love hats yet and you know I would have a zillion of them and I did OK why. Plus it's sometimes easier and carry an umbrella to stay out of the sun. OK because you don't Wear life I don't Ceylon pants and not in here. Yeah where I'm. Okay I'm okay straw hat the panorama that. Extra half keep going year proven why we shouldn't talk about fashion. Perhaps ruining our cred in our street cred skill and he's got the hat that has the two can't holders on the side and has destroy all the that was mind I'll. I've used it then it's pretty. Okay. And you even my mom has hats that what those huge Kentucky Derby hats and she's never going to horse race and I know I guess it might be an Easter hat eastern. Picnics. The staple of Jay is locally. Can Wear a hat OK now I have some unusual hands. I have my ball caps that I Wear quite often that's normal I have a little paper boy hats that you know if you know back and they were paperwork would say no. I don't know if that doesn't mean they're okay is the little flat to golfers head. Beanie again some like Dan how of those OK I have a coon skin. Elements and Tennessee. Man well it's funny when you Wear backwards and the tail looks like and that Jews from. It. Your. I got a sombrero Heidi you got when you I do okay yeah December oh I had a box you know have a some ground that Heidi wears hers for real for real keep the sun off. Great to be allowed to play your appropriating another culture and that's not allowed anymore that's my culture and my grandfather's years Spanish non Mexicans. I'll take nice try and plain white collar contests deal there. Okay I have an Abraham Lincoln I don't know I guess maybe it was from how hard and I camp thinks it's fun to Wear them out of sometimes just go to the grocery stores across. This it's fun it's a fun trying to actually is funny like it's pat. Yeah hi man I have a pirates and you have. Do you do you have any cowboy hats Heidi yeah the cowboys anti do Michael by a mile on June I'm going to have a gamble I don't. Have anything that baseball caps. I have one other hat and my wife I think threw away it looked like what Russian people where in the winter like Q tip or more in the movie Fargo. Where they are enlightened and has got a little flat -- over here yes I hated that had and I love it because I can put the flaps down and not hear her complain about I. And just see I can't had a lot house at a Waffle House they gave me have a lot haven't a late dinner there you resident party in. Not at a Waffle House but I mean they'll just give everyone a half that's a rserver loved us we were they. And I got lucky cat in the hat hat a look at our first saint patty's day could the screening why. Okay. I got a and Aladdin pat how wouldn't even know where to get these hats the just. You are in Manchester us the you can't. Hides behind closed because the half past as apple and yet there that I hatch of the city. Nationalists in the ousted him hack mark. Probably that's back as a city. Yeah yeah actually Citi common affecting specialists these computers just so good that love their commercial hit that SX SM.