Thursday, May 10th

Did you know that you don't see yourself the way your friends see you..  Listen, and find out why..  Also find out how Heidi feels about her face..  Let's just say it's half evil.


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You may not be as pretty as you thought you were in the Mir. Brian do some research when you look at the Mir the way you see yourself and Amir differs from the way others CU in real life. I don't know and you think about that time that he's been in the mirror every day for me I'm gifts and may be. Thirty minutes are now. Warily. That's a lot of time on ethics committee assignments throughout the day I'm like you know. I get mesmerized and I'm surprised because it doesn't look like he spent thirty minutes at present there most guys price than what maybe eight minutes in the near getting ready in the morning and it depends on what you mean by in front of the mirror if you mean actually looking at it it's less than that if you mean standing there while I'm brushing my teeth into a lot of other stuff that doesn't involve looking in the mirror than its longer. And it depends on where I'm going okay where Caspian the second. If I'm going out and now it's been more time in jail Wednesday when. When you look at your own reflection in your eyes are programmed to study what is actually the left side of your face. So lets you have a symmetrical face you don't appear to others how you think you look. Complicated and it just seems like it wouldn't matter very nights when you get you what you looking good you're going out someone takes a picture in you see it you're like oh no yeah and don't tag on that now take it down at the. That's nice of you have a good sign a bad night for photographs and also there is supposed to be rated long time ago on Thursday an evil side. And a friendly side to your face and see how I. I'm Heidi desperate at parties given her face like one side of her face almost is to face on the Batman and here's why because the position of your brow or how ever. There's one side of your face that adds just welcome. Frank. And they there was Snow White in this story are the wicked now that mother I'm serious. Like now I'm actually you know when you covered up half your faith you have no idea yet when you can have your face one. You're not symmetrical you're is not symmetrical all right now most people's are hard and assault evil part at least I did to impose. Okay I thought I thought the. Privilege is different add to the researchers tested this by showing people photographs of themselves and in the mirror image the photograph of themselves. In the person in the picture almost always chose a mirror image of the seriously because that's who won what they seem ousted whatever my apple phone does whatever it does. You know I think that's a mirror image because it makes the words behind me backwards to OK I hate that image yeah because it doesn't look like what I'm used to CN. Really yeah like if you do a self within Apple iPhone it turns everything backwards. And tissue mirror image to toll you know android does not do that are now I cannot just look weird to me I disagree with that well this is researchers that looks like you do in late here's what they did so racers tested and they showed people the photographs of them in the Mir and in their monogamy and Ellis too is once in the mayor be in the best looking. People around them and their significant others always chose the photograph of and strides in equities. Analyst at. The news that. My. Head. It is Dudley took pictures someone else got back I was. Turned it around so the letters are correct in the picture so that might be a good thing because it's either correct. Allow. Bastard and you know it's the wide screen finger so makes you face the matter and is the united span is that. Was as a Ella that's really the wild okay well and don't take more pitches I'm think this is true and I've always thought this because when I get ready in the morning or to go somewhere other than the mere. And I know that if I'm staring straight on that is usually the way I think I look best. If you start look at the size of your head or at angles. It all goes to craft the so I just leave with the best imagined image of myself and then that's what I pretend like I look like the rest of the day you keep doing that well it it gives you a better self esteem and that if they see the bad part see yourself and think you look like that pick yourself apart you don't do that rises just I don't own it's it did today. There you go and I hear a lot of people that are down on themselves often and I am I don't just say you look good yet and today and which is your evil side town. Never heard about annual thing until today read about it. And theory I think both of them are. Times I thinks it's in another sister personnel were talking about half. Well I think after this. I.