Tuesday, January 10th

There's a list of girly things that men would do if it weren't socially unacceptiable.  Hawk, Tom and Kato do some of these things...are they girly?  Listen and find out which things..


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People have called me a lot of things over the years yes I have most definitely can't repeat on the radio a lot of unless there right here in the room. But one thing that people do occasionally say they like about me is that I. Keep it real and I say things that other people won't say. That are trail. That's not what I like about shall I think you know your electronics and if I need something like you know an external hard drive I come to you for that and well that's one other thing I guess about me you know quite frankly those that does give you trouble Mikey minute details. Yeah yeah unreal and saying what do you feel the yeah as you write that on purpose is now it's kind of a loss there and keep it real and say Alessio. Today we are not a rapper with with emails and stuff like that takes intro for a tweet instead of you I did you say they probable I don't. Necessarily see it is trouble I think what I did is I stirred up someone who was living in a politically correct fantasy world you do. You can okay. Here is an example of that today I'm going to go ahead and call something out that I think is bogus you're gonna see this going around on the Internet and is so listed these guys put together and they said these are girlie things. That men would do if it wasn't socially unacceptable and but they're afraid to do them because they're too girly. I don't buy most the stuff on this list and I can even prove some of it. They said for example they think and then would carry purses so we didn't have to keep everything in our pockets if it wasn't socially unacceptable. But we have man purses and most men don't use them on unabomber's. I'm not ours it's Emeka back half half. From my wife and so like it if it's varied. Makes a statement when you hear that thing I don't intend for him. Well either Colin a briefcase you gotta messenger bag the guys. Do you carry these satchel also brings finished come out he's not doesn't make up case. But my point is is that that person exists for a man various ways in most men don't Carrey anything resembling a person to say I think the whole foods mag is your purse. 'cause that you had the makeup bag thing I knew what does this thing college you know the women's death is. Answered this would be like your batterer and so that's a shopping bag did you and yes our march almost burst out laughing. I reusable shopping itself and who I am a bit at I lead. I don't know whatever is mostly food. I here's another thing they said in what I do knitting and quilting yeah it was an eagerly thing I I think man could do knitting or quilting if they wanted and Noah would know they did it it's just men generally don't wanna do that if waste their time they'll play video games. And Quayle. Usually a waste of time knitting and quilting you can make beautiful things and a lot of people yeah to skilling cracks ran long well they're people that. I do not Noll won Mormon that knits are. Quilts well I I do not know one moment it's ever done to your mom know you're dreaming now I don't have a granny but no I knew it acting a mother and lomb idea that I don't know of user. RI it was looking they say order fruity drinks at the bar without being judged for us and he and I do that yeah I think a huge into that. I think we do do it we don't worry about whether it be and Judge Judy I have him now like Obama mormons camera salaries cosmopolitan and this drop redact creek without alcohol. Okay here's why this particular Tracy Wear leggings or tights outside when it's colds. Players do Wear tights and like he doesn't count on the field hasn't uniforms for the uniform. You don't see any of guys go around with black tights on underneath whatever because we wanna stay or and it has the under armour logos. That that's okay the sport except yeah hey hey okay. Tania to should Wear some things that's how I Wear a dress or skirt when it's hot out now. How do I know a Doctor Who wears the kill here in the yet some of those guys were killed but that's not address whereas dirt it's a kill. In the Scottish and okay. I just feel like this list is it where more jewelry like bracelets and rings with huge Jim's for me I don't wanna Wear a lot of jury this list is bogus is made by a few guys who wanted to try to justify their girly as. And then they wanted to convince us that the rest of us wanna do this too we just are afraid to admit it wears bubble bath on there oh its own there there bodies sprayer Cologne smells through Vietnam now. And let's see here and you face mask and things like that keep yours you're looking at the Rollins. So I think that we'll I have you know what I did last feel I used lotion and try to take you cucumbers on your. I socialist now. As a man. Each and you didn't put that on my knees because money is Richard on my dermatologist says I mean the lotion my legs because their drive and a dry skin is not attracted don't say this lotion on a big here recently it's hard hitting puberty next. And it hurt sometimes it. So I regret bring in this now I think I told too much what about paid accusing manicures did not put got a list and I was not navy S not even consider girly neighborhood. Because it's nice to have. Let's just move on to pretend we insignia that asked. Him going illusionist.