Tuesday, July 17th

Do you have a Gift Registry?  Apparently, everyone should have one....and it should be public.  Why?  Listen up and find out..

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You know we think about gift registries as something people say and when they're going to marry or have a maybe yours mine. Okay Christmas. Lot of times people go to Christmas at registries yeah especially whatever you got like grandparents and kids they're at a stage NATO in ought to give maybe it's just me. A gang. But you know what Tom why does it have to be limited uses those things it's not you know we do it for Christmas yeah now I just write to Santa directly. That's for you kidding me Jeff days this is way higher Dan is on how about that everyone should have a Giffords should be they say. That's publicly available and they can keep on refreshing as they go along for a lot you can check out my Amazon gift registry at any time if you feel the need to donate to me in Niger republic absolutely OK so everybody can find out exactly what you are looking for on your wish list that's correct and that's what it's called zoo it's a wish list and and so far it has remained they wish. Noticed bought me anything off of it yet but yes I have a list on Amazon as Tom steels wish lists and as someone wants to buy me something I'll make it very easy imploded on the hawk and Tom FaceBook. I know what I am gonna spend my time doing this afternoon Bellini give me censored now and of Credo wishlists. Myself you don't already have one now. I never thought of just randomly putting out there what it is I'd like to have that someone might buy a media thing. That's not how it started out as started out as me keeping track of stuff I thought was cool and interest income and then you're like well you can actually open this and make it public and anyone who wants to buy canned. No object so unlike you I didn't specifically go out would be selfish idea of doing that like you're doing today. Okay. OK selfish and self centered person you. Will this what people are doing now is not allowing them. You know for your wedding or your baby should hours or four christmases or your birthday. But if members states yeah okay well but the people are doing it for the birthday that's what they're saying in this article really. So on your birthday get your own public go wishlists there. That makes it's there's any course graduation means. Maybe break up yet break up on them and move on and in some things because my boyfriend took our TV our toaster. Okay that's tacky and all tacky the others were attacking that all techie all right house warming. That would makes as the reason to have just a public wish list of course someone is looking editing on Tony have a house and there is they're moving in and they wanted to give them stuff for the house maybe that should be on your wish list. His idol. Graduation but they say and it's an hour now I think we mentioned you did it. I don't agreements and indeed there. There's any course graduate reasons. Seen I guess than they would under which this column obviously right now. Ali judge. Yeah. Yeah. Well I if you thought Amazon you'll find people have wish list for all kinds of things and it doesn't have to be just these things and it can't just be like mine just a wish list it doesn't have to be for a reason. It's just a list of things that you would like to have. Mine's not going to be for a reason and easier. And copy and except for you're doing it strictly so people will buy east I'm not are you said I know and I mean that you and I get around that and I'll tell a prime example I will try and I. A prime example right here. I found an instant it looks like a thermos. In express espresso. Maker boost. Usually ends gesture and a half. I shot. Number one and I wish. I'm do go to look at wish lists to see how we are people on the other as Allah Dylan Tom and I got his wish lists are going to be just weird need to pull mine out and see how weird I am. Talk about this plastics. And the he's they. That's not weird is that. I just puts money yesterday I can't think what it was that it was a pretty crazy and like what it is I have like a lot of kids toys that they want it ride. For Christmas I can remember I can't remember a couple of them wishlists nominally on. But you got to remember to go to look to wish list yes yes I don't have anything on my wish list I just at all in my cart hurt. Yeah and then Monday album out a lot at a much stuff on my card you just purchased you know that they changed the prices on it and remind you like okay. Prices changed and cars you object line. I just Google Tom. Steel Amazon wishlists and it says the book of classic insults by tonne steel and now I don't even remember writing this. Yeah.