Monday, December 4th

Does your pet help get you through the holidays?   Listen up and find out why you should get yourself a pet before the family shows up..


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Well they say 85%. These kind of people. Say that this actually helps them get through the holidays what do you mean by d.'s district ultimately it just people just people all right so 85% of people. Wednesday at this helps them get through the mountains out there yeah. I'm gonna say it blues. Okay. A day. You're one of your wrong. I'm I don't know it's dog owners say that their dogs helped them get through Oklahoma City Hall now there's some reasons lie. Because foreigners in have taken their dog for a walk to get away from family that's an honest thing with the AM. So yeah and I'm sure you'd use that excuse comments you know actually I just to have my dog pee on their stuff. Okay that makes me feel better well 43% are more excited to see their family dog than they are their relatives and I remember him coming home from college and I'd be so excited to see my pets but I mean I still look forward see in my family do but I do remember how awesome that was to see you know you your family pet the UNC April semester ride. Now when it comes to the dogs that from the Christmas cards in the you know law that you you you still put your dog on the Christmas cards today. He is not on this year now what he does have his own stocking. Okay well that's interesting you say that because a lot of the pet owners say they it. The special treats that they do for their dogs during the Christmas season is their dog it's a stock and our dog would be. Upset if he did not get it in fact he has touted before when we forgot. I'm not joking he knows he sees all the commotion he sees this open up all the stuff and I guess because we've done in the past he knows he's supposed to get this docking with a bunch retreats in it and he goes crazy playing with them in fact he can have his favorite toys out yeah guilt. Not to play with those and go get the new wins it's like he's like a little human being almost percent. How does he get upset if this photo is not included with the holidays and Christmas card of the holiday pictures we haven't told them all good. Yeah because that's a way that the people put their dogs on Christmas cards of course we used to do that before we had kids now we feel like the kids are little bit better to show off and then it's. But I mean you know my kids into an awkward phase may be not much like us who you want the reasons why people put dogs on the Christmas cards as couple reasons okay. You wanna humility humiliate your husband until he agrees to have kids. Now why now wouldn't put this down here year in two we have kids aren't as alert I mean I think most husbands are probably cool with that dog on the card well you want everyone to know that your dog is just as important as their kids. And that's funny because before I had kids actually thought my dog was super super important and then after we had kids are like did we feud that talk this week. Okay I'm jokingly. Reasons to put your dog on Christmas card because your kids are to be home. I'm I'm. Periods where there isn't he's not so now you lie. And maybe not this year all of Christmas is multi front teeth. And 62% of all pet owners' side Christmas cards from themselves and their pets is. That zone you let the dog like you know roll with the pinned between a little those aren't they yeah. And put their paw print on it. It can get their cooperate on those little stamping thing here though I just right you know Tom cheneys Quinn is Sammy environment that you know Imus and people would do that you know for the upon their bit. Dogs and Christmas don't always go well together 30% of the people said the dogs have destroyed gifts and decorations in the past and you have to know your dog and whether there that kind of dog and OK 29% of had a dog knocked over the Christmas tree in the big dog and yeah it's not one like you were for a little tree you know you can use your dog for almost a decoration that was put on. Yeah we tried it one year it's hard bad habits and but that he was too heavy for the tree and then they say they have actually peed on the Chris mystery. A lot longer then the dollar. I. You like how I got water has stayed under the trees for a long time and I haven't been changed and out and yeah. That's that and as. Pretty funny well. You know I'm. I don't know loud and yeah I get the dog people out there that in these crazy thing though year crazy as united dog person he oh and I yet. I mean I gotta get down for the kids when these days I just tell my diet my daisies Christmas she doesn't know the difference. Okay into and out of stock imports boxed up in the attic Obama because all nations you're missing out on a fun time she's fourteen she barely opens her rise to got used to that these days though neither Dubai but I guess I.