Friday, May 11th

Would you share your toothbrush with your significant other?  Hawk said he would never, listen and find out what the rest of the gang says..


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Okay 30% of guys in a relationship. Are comfortable do on this after three months and I find it really weird and and I've seen it I look psychic gas can cash Mike and has he can't sit like going to the bathroom with a gang the door open just I just three months. Today that's late. Okay and little outlets in passing gas in front OK okay hi fine always get there don't we somehow India China and it did what they do 30% again as a relationship are comfortable sharing a toothbrush. After three months why does that bother you. It just seems weird to me you're already sticking your tongues in each other's mouth and twirling them around what on earth does that toothbrush that but I don't wanna fly austerity too much time do. I practically do and in my life. You know it went on you know they killed were. You know have a long day with a one ever likely to get personality. Is mine and threatening parents yes. That's just not a problem your are an outcome it is a problem you're weird no I'm not you are most people in here have not use their significant others to and brought us duke check on that hiding. Yes OK go. I don't recall on single right now. I probably wouldn't. Probably have done and I would use my. Her before used to one slated for a while like he's young honey lead the lead the ticket placed on that brush someone used it or such I mean you don't want them this flaws and you just lost your claim right now. Most people in this room haven't done it. It's not like you do every day that he needed. I would do I have had their germs and I mean and all the food they've eaten. All caked on that and it's enough it's only harness your bacteria and stuff on the you're a journal vote you opened doors with the bottom of your shirt. Cute when your element is to give it to me I am pleased. Anything is my own old fugitives does not because it's grossed just that letter okay all right let's say I'm the weird one. You are. Desperate can OK let's. How many times have you used your wife's toothbrush I don't know if you does an okay I can see you back acts that you just let accident and you asleep he's grabbing. All I can probably a user to you know it's more like Heidi said AF forgot my tooth brush this need to borrow at this time. More now. That's I I mean I've done then OK I don't chilling gone. Like I've done that and my guess somebody got. To do. It is another category right there OK some people don't drink after you know other people I think people like that you and your we it's. OK let's pretend I'm Wear it again and I. It's a stretch and we'll do it okay. But your kids there and cubic okay yeah the back wise I with I don't know cake or whatever you can sit like. You're Yale law you know I'm Alec oh there's my kids' meal for your goals. Or whatever in the drink the bank watch with chicken nugget. The angry maybe not. It okay and get up all you see it again. Yeah I might not ever to my knowledge. I'd ever drink after him whenever I saw chicken nugget floating in their during I have drink after the and many times and not seen any food particles a hungry now. And mine and they had the samples like there's no it looked if they're sick you're not gonna go drink and after someone altering after my wife if she sick. But I don't have a problem within any other time to. If you irritates me the way you. Some time ago. All hi I'm Mike will drink after that person germs will use it brush and you look down people like me to. Are really weird please keep a clean cut a hot hot hot I can't look down on ya I think you're three. I think you're a germ freak you're wrong we've been pretending I mean how. How prepared are.