Thursday, November 30th

If you have a home on an unusually named street, it can cost you 20% when you decide to sell it.  Why?  Listen up, Tom will tell you why..


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We've talked a lot about our Meritage Homes here on the hawk and Tom show but something that we haven't talked about as much as the hawks still owns his prior home and is trying to sell it right now it's a beautiful house on but snuggle road and we can't figure out why it hasn't sold yet I don't have a Clinton I mean what could possibly I'm not making it hard to sell his house that it is about snuggle yet well and I'm joking he doesn't really have a home on but snuggle road it's a very normal sounding road. But if it was on but snuggle road that could be affecting it through and they just found a study that says that you have a home that is on an unusually named street nick can cost who was much as 20%. When it comes time to sell it and I went home prices get out there that adds up to a lot of money on it 250000. Dollar home that is. Over 50000. Dollars the chances. So you're talking about a chunk of money that's going down the drain McCann is. Of the name of the street. That's why every time I've moved I've made sure. It was the right street in on San and I live on motor brand throw. Good is in the details and got to figure out that's one of mine did and I think that's silly but they said that 33% of people one out of three people say they would not live on a street with an unusual or weird name and who would name it in the first place and be okay here's a great example that -- cut off roads. Sound is terrible but it's in we hear Arkansas and it's a road that's a cut off road ends though it was in the city of Wiener and that was the Wiener cut off road which sounds horrible. But it. Made sense to someone at the time and apparently have a sense of humor or knowledge of slaying well if you live in Wiener. You shouldn't care what you're right it's apple counties every there is less expensive. They're also but road in Fort Wayne, Indiana or Katie crotch road in new Portland Maine those are all real roads like he has embarrassed yeah. Detector. Yeah. It's an extra incurred in. You know and he lady named Cain. And on. Yeah I mean that's crazy now. According to the study houses on streets with a embarrassingly himself for 20% below market value they did 47 years of property records and found that house is on embarrassing street's sell for a lot less. So if you lived on -- cutoff road it would make a lot of sense to you want to start a petition and organize with your congress people or whatever it took didn't touch with the county the city. And get the name change to something more like Kate as Bogle Lugar rancher and it's funny we just got a text Josh and Clinton says I'm assuming you know bugger branch is a real road in six mile yes I did. Not passing on the lake I don't know that you have the camera to take a picture of months I'm like yeah gosh blogger branch rounds I wanna ogre branch road your property values are effective. As people are going to pay less for a home that's on a streak like that. That's crazy and because if you have a beautiful home does the street address really make any difference but apparently said that I just heard about this on the radio again. Yeah I'm really what it was and I think just a bit again yeah. Press does. Yeah hit. That is I think something of value to you if you live on an unusually name street maybe not even a crazy when that just one that's a little odd it might be to your advantage to try to see about getting Inge.