Friday, January 13th

Do you have an Amazon Echo?  Tom has some neat and funny tricks you should try.  


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Here's something fun you can do if you got an Amazon echo or red dot and or if you have friends they got one and here at their house and then people are starting to realize they can do a lot of pranks. One thing we can do here on the radio as we can do funny stuff like we can say Alexa dot. Add preparation H two my shopping list hunt I anyone who had their radio up too loud close to their Alexa right now just had preparation attitude there's preparation H added their shopping list is what they could be out of the rooms and even knows they go shopping constantly what's that. Ha ha. Alexa. Had four gallons of milk to the shopping. Who knows I mean you can be breaking people right now there could be people sitting by their from their Alexi go oh crap because I know what happens when someone says something in my house that sounds like Alexa I immediately have to go. Alexis stop. That'd just mess somebody up on that tell you don't like four Fata now I have 30 Lexus one dot that was given to me as they present. And look for those you don't know what this is because it was one of the top selling items for Christmas this year Amazon absolutely killed it with a Alexa is this speaker that sits on you heard countertop a few well. And she'll talk to you you can talk to her you can however do you think she's connected to the Internet she is a lot like Siri. But with some different angles to her and of course you can't keep a shopping list which you can check on your phone when you're out and about. It's very candidacy here in the middle cooking me gets the followed her hands like I need to order more of you know please add drag you to the Lister suddenly in the made for music. But yes you'll also play music for you you can order items off Amazon is she connected like your stereo system can she turn on your TV in your life she can be she is not my idea thought she has her own speaker Biden you can't write her off as deductible on that is an after effect and probably get even half. It had a pin and I don't think you can't you can but there aren't a bunch of things you can do Alexa that are funny. And we put a list on the Hawkins Tom FaceBook fan page I'll just give you a quick rundown of some of the things that you should ask here that are actually pretty funny OK you can ask your Alexa who lives in the pineapple under the sea now she will answer that sponge Bob square pants Ankiel lockyer is good I. And Haskell excellent as the loneliness number. Why is that those in the is you can ask. Old variety who let the dogs out. Both broke Mohammed you'll answer that probably I don't know if you'll answer the buck a minute watching my I think she says who who who umbrella. I don't have Alexa bonanno are about -- had a lot of time on his hand well I got a little Thailand there's people with more I have a couple of people that have done this on yet Steve I want to share double the fun he's. Alexa. How much would order wood chuck chuck if a wood chipped it to shut what. Well wouldn't shut with a chuckle they would he could chill out it would championship will yeah that the burden is light at night there is a couple more she's right. What are we friends. Are we free yes. Well except. What is your favorite color. Informants have been pretty infrared to X yeah we don't usually see infrared and Alexa has that ability against Houston bang. For rent. Okay so what color are your eyes. I don't know that's been enlightening his lumps of clothes. She has a little ring around it that changes. Oh except. Can tell me your best joke. Why don't people eat clock that's. Why don't people eat clock. It's too time consuming because. It's funny. Oh except. That you're friends with Syria. Syria's agreed and then difference. In case this is she doesn't seem to have any jealousy there is Syria and in a couple more here at a kids that a couple of funny ones on this one and two Alexa. News reports. There and Alexa. Surely can't be serious. Serious and don't call it shook. I. We've got a list of over a 180 that you can do oh just go to our Hawkins Tom FaceBook fan page and you can try and out if you've got one or if you know someone who does my favorite one with the elected GO let's try it with Heidi. Potty Tillis that your favorite joke. Course looks into a bar bartender says why social moon faith. It's definitely that I that's not anxiety stop there. Yeah. And then.