Wednesday, September 12th

If you like to play pranks on your friends, listen up..  Tom has a list of fun pranks to play..

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Here on the hawk and Tom show we'd like to do a lot of pranks now are well let's say bats some breaks can be harmful or they can be dangerous they can be hurtful but there are breaks out there that are just plain funny and if you are one of those people that likes to do pranks. I have come across a treasure trove of good clean ranks time. I wanna share some on what you today I think some of these could even be turned into a torture accused data on the line RI but some of them would just be fun here at the office. For example I had never seen this before but you get a box of dough nuts you put elements or Duke's men days in the center. In the kitchen downstairs. People think it's the cream that's supposed to be NS I said Boston cream and a state of pride evident it's Amanda that's why I don't like the stuff donuts gimme the blazed through K behold all of you we do that we. Yet the mayonnaise and put on the top of the things that place from speaker. Until this looks different yeah I look at it perhaps not particular about his frank. Hot hot hot. And I don't file form. I'm. No one actually guys here so here's another funny prank I found that is clean easy and it works great you cut out the shape of a cock roach a large cockroach and you put it. Inside a lamp shade. When the lamp is on it looks like there is a giant cockroach. He's just right there is because they're coming into darker and maybe they turn on the lamb Alison many CNET Asia and that. Okay like this one is a little more harmful but you take. Mintz is and you put them in the middle of ice cubes they take and I stray all put a little bit as and they put in soda once he gets through the eyes eyes it's gonna explode the phone's gonna go everywhere ally that's you gotta be dedicated his that was not gonna pay off instantly and it may not human eye can see when he dies that lets you have a party though there's a bunch of people standing around using Nana and sooner or later someone's gonna yeah. Well over your flora your furniture values to someone else's heart I think again as the fun part yeah. Cleaning up now this what I thought was clever and it doesn't harm anyone but you take a bar so. And you cover it with clear nail polish. And when you put it in the shower and people wonder why is it flattering. This got that clear coat all the way around it and there that would be very weird. This is an oldie but goody you put a post it note underneath the mouse and then you write how high hop on it has been announced as or only on the look underneath it says. The Utah not a real mouse and you come on a computer guy. Those holes oh I. I torture Tuesday putting a rubber snake. In the road these section of a grocery store got a picture of it peeking out between the lettuce heads. No doubt would be you might think that Israel. I'm not Kennedy now on I'm not either but it would be great if you work in a grocery store in the produce section and you have co workers yes theft. OK here's another funny when someone took a pair of jeans as she is and laid in over a toilet seats so it looks like someone's in the stall. And it looks like they're there all day long and a couple coming and they see the same genes issues and they're like how long is this person who is it. That is in the bathroom all this time and another trick is to make brownies. You make in the shape of the letter. Round he ground ground he's Brad that's liked them Heidi would dill. You can put acrylic paint on a person's windshield wipers and when they turn them on its streaks the collars across the way and so on irony bash actually rank. I don't they later act and something else you can do this is tricky I think people might notice but if you're copying machines lower. You bully you or a picture of your face. And hate that to the top of the copier. So when they close the lid. And copy sent then your photo bombing their copy. Your face is taped on that white thing that cut that clamps down photos. Like when you put Ocalan to make sure everyone can understand this on the right got to but it but more loyal and alert that the AQ was your putting that picture on top of their paper they're both of their papers not a whole sheet big giant she and you gotta have their copping a half that you would still give it like a water mark up that you could see it through the papers slightly its practice let's try it we can try that point it's not my best one obviously. And then finally there's the put an entire row of shopping carts around someone's parked car out at the restaurant to Carlyle and yet there. You make a big circle and you put us together the picture actually speaks a thousand words Obama and knowing I wish I would have explained that they were a thousand words with taken two I'm not much but if you disarray than in a circle around my car and they all inter locked together. It's pretty funny that pranks on taking half today to do it but it would be fun. Well I'm just shares some fun and safe and clean breaks. And I don't that I really vividly remember is sticking and it's all over year Connor. Yet that was then here we did that to hide not not Toms are your car my car yeah that was a car that all morning. Encounter was at one time Lucy Allen progress and had to be at least 141000 post was. We should post a picture that. We have one. I think we do know that it's a I'll do it again. I'm. Well. Thanks very much for all those. Stupid you'll and strength not litigate you now for saying.