Tuesday, January 2nd

How close are you and your best friend?  Are you sure?  Listen to this and let us know what you would do..  


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Well there's a lot going on with the lottery already. This year can always just tell me a story of some kind of a glitch in the lottery system. Where it was printing out winning tickets and 180 figured it out and went to a much different stores now she wants her 181000 dollars. And I am pretty sure they're not gonna give it to her but they're not giving any give the money 500 dollar winnings to some of these other people who just played and had a winning ticket am. And that's one of the things it stinks with a lottery is if there's ever any mistake you're ever in any situation where they decide that it wasn't supposed to be that way yes you're out alive but if you went to them is that I didn't mean to buy that particular I didn't mean to do this and I got the winning ticket to bag a heck yeah. That's kind of a bond deal but what was really interesting to me it was a story of best friend's tank and the price of a friendship and now they say that friendships have no surprise that the you cannot put a price on a true friendship but apparently you can only Irene has proven that ride. The best friends. When you're waitresses. In Arkansas. Worked at this. Restaurant where the boss gave them lottery tickets scratch off lottery tickets for Christmas Day. And they agreed that they would split any winnings that they got him. Apparently though. Leslie Underwood. Who. Got these tickets decided that that didn't mean it would is going to split the winnings if they were big ache because she scratched off and won the grand prize of 300000. Dollars. Mandy and Leslie war is static is thrilled that agreed they would cash it in after any airs at least that's what lastly thought but Mandy. Actually take it in herself and is now she is not showing up to work. And not answering phone call now. And the bad news is she's the only one that signed the back of the lottery ticket and it's a strong chance the other person is not going to get there half on now I have seen stories and I believe it to be true that when people make. Agreements like this week it will hold up in court if you have witnesses you have to have witnesses that is true. And I don't know if she has the boss who will say yes I saw them agree to this or if it's just Irsay and it. She might even be CN oh we said that ends. They didn't really say that and that's where he wrote the problem. Definitely need witnesses. But think about it you know if someone wins 300 grand or if you win 300 grander Uga to screw over your body he said you would split it with just a few moments ago. Because you're never gonna probably see him again after that. You're light they were my best friend but now I got 300 grand am and now what different people. Really nothing to do that amount of money. I'm available. Yeah that's gonna go click and she's going to be back the survey and a. Yeah pressure you can't quit you job authoring and. You know life is someone they delivered in a small area where they live and in some trailer they got it paid for not tax after today steal her eyes go too far you're right but then again you don't have to be friends that person later. And that girl probably had is hating on about the taxes to pay she just probably cashed in and spending and and he listened to the taxes out. I don't know how that works Qaeda because obviously I have not won yet on how. You know I think lottery tickets scratch offs are the best Christmas gift you can give of. Because you know there's that chance that you're gonna win big the utter the words 'cause you basically get nothing but you always sign your name to on the back and I'll holding gift that's like here I got you this. I think that senator Hillary ever Vermont. I think yeah. Yeah you bring up a bottle of lied to a party and bled openness and an Anita last yeah or you give your kid a bicycle but you're gonna ride it three days a week. That's not where I made the.