Friday, April 13th

When it somes to friendship, women can make friends much easier than men.  Why?  Check out this latest podcast and Hawk will tell ya..

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On the show we always talk a lot about how to make you a better friend how to help you become a better friend or how to know when you have a good for him and we just talked about friends alive wins and Tom talks accounting for as he has on FaceBook all the my 5000 yet. Good. When it comes to friendships they say it women and in. In general can make friends much easier than men especially after college. OK I find that almost surprising. Most men have trouble making friends with the other million after college. And it seems that mainstay friends only with their high school buddies are college buddies for the most part for the rest of their lives. I think you might if you reflect on your own line town pride you met a few friends. Through your wife though it's your wife Lynne. I met Sean Tucker high school and that is what counts and these are met Steve lucky before I met my wife OK so that's the other one guy that's really friends I have a I'm not half. Oh that I you know when you say that I do think about this I've got. Steve when that afterwards I got some high school buddies I see every now and then home. And my wife though when she moved to the upstate CNET all these new people that she became friends with them and so she did seem more able to she still keeps in touch with a high school friends but she made new friends when she got here it is OK I'm going to try that same development in new mix of friends here in the upstage. They say developing close friendships and high school can help teens to maintain hippie hope it lives into adulthood. And as well determining what boy teens right. How many high school teens and high school friends. Do you still have I have platitudes. Rallies. Deaver well shot Tucker's O Doug Jeffries is a friend of mine that I don't talk about him as much yes and not till. And they say go for the guys hold on to the high school and college Koreans much longer than the women did so BR as we joke around about it though when I go back to my hometown for like Christmas. They organize a big dinner to come hang out with Tom they're like hey Toms in town let's all go to dinner and they all we are good this Mexican restaurant and others say they know you know with a good booted right into the yeah. Well they've taken bets as to how much aware of like official married. While. And I had fun at around Christmas time businessman myself hurtful now cocky attitude and he hears yeah. It's interesting now hindsight shock like Eastman Chemical used to having any. Like Koreans from high school in IDF it but I just don't call them friends only because. They don't call her friends yeah. I don't see them often. And we now I am Macy and when I'm there I can go to Miami but otherwise no they're not like even. I talked to on FaceBook I was gonna say that's what spokes for IC high school friends on FaceBook all the time you know but I mean they're. There acquaintances. Or not I know more about some of those people that I know about my wife. Would you have them like to dinner which you haven't spent that night with huge you hang out with them if they candidate early home if they got that. Just today. Knowing Palestinian home. How long does it take him to make it close for an OS are article on this the wild and got in front of me longer than windows to fall in love her. Well they heard it takes fifty calories of hanging out. To become friends. And instead of just acquaintances. Fifty hours at least in the and they become a free and well all my FaceBook friends that note for more than fifty hours a day so I got 5000 close friend. Yeah it takes me hours to becoming real close close friend at least 200 hours to become the closest. And that's fewer hanging out for those hours not just you know for a few weeks 200 hours. If you were hanging out with them cuts at 540 hour weeks. Wow. That's a lot so we're all very good friends well who doesn't sell. How well Dallas should be. I guess it's because there's no barriers with it's no filter it's like we just say what's on our mind like you know you're talking about I don't you guys actually buy it over French yet. As a friendship discussion which is that yeah. We're like family. We are organized in Hamlet doesn't hold a dysfunctional family yes so what Hussein and his family are there that's action conference with when your family not friends anymore it's not you can get a kick your friends you don't need to take your family history is a family is actually harder as you gotta make it work with people that you wouldn't normally hang out with. Whereas friends you weed out the ones you don't wanna hang out with. So what you're saying is if we were meant this as strangers on mystery it would not be for and we ought to be hanging out together all these years when you and I would knock. Oh really yeah yeah we were friends before or even a near this we're not friends anymore but we ask a hot topic so ruined it. How does how. And we're like Brothers now it's horrible. Luka.