Monday, August 13th

Does it get too hot for you?  Well, we have some foods you need to eat to keep you cool this summer..

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All my daughter played a little trick on everyone yesterday gang she bought some new candy it's nerds you've probably heard the yeah. Animal round balls a candy they're super good we got lots of flavor but these were mango peach flavored. She didn't mention the chilly part of it. They also are super hot. And so we all voted a handful and Ada and started chew it and realize though my guys these aren't just a good peach flavor mango flavor they also have a Chile spies to them. But I just doubled on an article that may be thinks he might have done us a favor to bill. Because it turns out there are some foods that are not Fuji would expect to help you out during the summer but keep you cooler than not things like ice cream or ice stream. Hops or obstacles or any of that stuff. Into write something very high IQ solves anything like that I always the ice cream afterwards makes them think gonna scream come on ice cream. It burns. Okay thank you for that. Well here are some weird foods that you wouldn't expect to cool you down but they do all day. Ole of one of who's really weird the other two kinda makes sense. They say anything which chili peppers and it will make you feel hot at first but chili peppers trick your body. Into thinking it's hotter than it is and they make you sweat and and when you sweat the air evaporates from your body has just signed to do or above the water evacuate rates for everybody to sweat. Into the air and that cools you down. So you actually cool off after you eat this spicy food. K okay weird. I mean and it worked for yesterday and probably yeah I mean we cooled down what you start sweating it keeps flavored nerds they say that suit is similar to this because it treat your body into thinking gets hot because you're seeing this war and you start sweating in the moisture on your skin cools you down but why is it that means is we retirement this thing the other day about Chile you don't eat chili traditionally during the summer months well it's spicy. Some of it is that's indeed in the. And let's that you dislike it suit the Abbott had a friend the other day talking about making homemade soup and I'm like are you crazy it's summertime ride it doesn't basis or I I I don't look I'll want to eat soup here in this little coup and today apparently I'm not hot nation. Wailed as well is injured wrists you bigotry. And then this is the weirdest what all there. Spinach. And I thought maybe I was just because it made life so horrible that you do I don't know cooled down I don't even understand that fares husband just behind yeah. They say there's reasons and it helps is because it levels out your blood pressure and helps keep you cooler feeling remember Popeye and helped him somewhere wise it's like his blood pressure went up eight Kennedy idea where you know in this what was wrong with pop rock yeah let's face that I mean all the books you would net line that's true he was chasing her all time. It Brutus and pop but we're fighting over. Olive oil. She bit home but they were too. I mean pop out at school as I'm in Shays could look at women and I. Yeah yeah it's an ugly women on stayed away from this it is now that he said that. It was the image I never needed by itself like it leafy green on the plate or something like maybe he's the not you it's got to have some cream in it you know the spinach dip creamed spinach that she did I don't know nachos. I'm gonna. Artichoke dip recession started his. It's an in joke but it together. Together I've always had creamed spinach as a side yen. But I'll be honest I always say is the spinach salads is that the same spinach the unity out of making and eighties miniature or Danish food if it were to go into an expert I would say that eats festival everyone looked at Heidi. And so here are the things that people are used to is watermelon and it's OK stick with the watermelon because it's mostly water and it does have some amino acids that dilate your blood vessels and help with circulation and so at some chili powder Kai Lan on you more water now it's your weird like that you. All that's nasty ass don't like the seeds with watermelon a cable that see the slaughter. But they still owns and Seton OK and finally two things to avoid on a hot day. Sun car herbs and meets all your body has to work harder to digest those things and that actually burns energy and heat you. Following it's only eat half eight. And if you're grilling Jiri and mean rather a bigger really not sunshine. This savage you got a point Qaeda the drill is. It's I'm hungry and so I always say. I'm just gonna go ahead and grill some neat and cards and have a beer. The cold beer yeah and that will solve the problem. We'll throw the spinach out and we'll save the citrus for the wintertime and I'll could have some watermelon to though. Never mind indicate that huh. I. A.