Friday, October 6th

Would you like to avoid getting the flu this season?  Listen up, Tom has 5 ways to keep you healthy. 


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This is a beginning of a very bad season. OK we got will pumpkin spice season that's true oh yeah that's not as though it is he that Andy candy season that's good guy yanking become an on again. Pumpkins. Pumpkin seeds and all my neighbors I'm talking hardy are idiots it's a beginning a flu season and. This season is upon us I have and I got my flu yet I think to get. Had just set out on not getting sick. Oh I hope that I still have been filling a little mean the last couple of days we'll thanks for not telling us now well I just have a out a year out of the room man I was you know I'm not feeling well the last couple of days I hope I'm not getting things. All right let me help you keep from getting sick I've got five ways that will help you avoid getting the flu of course the number one ways to get the flu shots. Of course a lot of us to believe that they either don't have the right concoction every airing it seems like they're like oh we missed it on the flu shot again. All our heads as to who knows that the things even gotten flu ended in May just be the government inserting a chip inside of you to keep track of your vote movement everywhere have them big debate was crazy they talk about brides. And so. Now on the flu shot is the number one way they say to avoid it by another thing is washing your hands frequently we know that house with a cold and it's not as good with the flu because the flu can be airborne but it's Google helps if you wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water. It will get rid of germs corral and all that is a second line of defense but not as good as a good hand washing. They are hiding Qaeda just started sharing the Perella as we said that stress. Relief and then and I use my hands of congress today okay. Half half half and they're in your pocket I think it was blatantly played in this. Oh is but no we're really here and I'm not. I'm gonna believe the yeah yeah yeah I. I'm not sure you can hit those but as a small tool. Right my body parts today with our eyes. I'm not gonna help keep us from getting sick if it this is one that we fight about all the time and that is stay home if your sick did you feel like you're coming down with the flu stay home from work rather than risk getting other people sick don't you feel guilty doing that what it to my staying home. Oh like as you feel like they new did you work. You know it depends on how sick you are but yes Heidi I will say this I've actually had people here get mad at me for missing when I had a 105. Degree fever exactly my wife wanted me to go to the hospital. And these people were upset because I didn't do something for war. I I think I should apprised sued them. I think different and our job is in panic human hacking cough for 23 hours and go home but for like someone's got to eight or nine hour day. There can infect everybody well we're infecting one and other know mommy gets on a microphone here and we Ali. Yeah so you just contradicted yourself. Non now. Yes. So you're saying you should come torque. He said we should come to work and hack through you know for our ass it today said that the difference between what you do here. Yeah golf is no one uses your microphone but this and over here by uses this to hawk was on an got mad that you can do so up for work it sounds like he was etc. So they say that you need to eat right a good diet and vitamin C will help make your immune system stronger but it's not going to magically. Cure it you can't take something like airborne are vitamin C and expect to just not have the flu you're still gonna have to go through the symptom does LC K. Like you did you know and they say load up on that is being eaten you know that airborne whatever you get over the Canner in all of it bottom and seeks it will making shorter. I'm gonna do my mommy when I was a baby whiskey and honey. And SI am sick I won't be here tomorrow I swear that you check your temperature like your mom used to. When you're baby. Yeah. I had a hard dug itself. Never use Kato's thermometer half half and finally they say stay informed. Flu season is generally from October through May but during that time your states department of health typically post weekly reports to let you know where it is and how severe it is zone. You can kind of monster when he really gets bad and maybe enter in those days go out wearing one of those masks. Jacqui keep them handy in my car I see people Wear those I I always assumed they're sick and out right. And I they elect from a normal that is what I do I need I don't like people to talk to me so I. As a math that's a tortured she's facing Qaeda the masked as hacking coughing and just beat me. I like it now okay maybe even get some of that green slime and have it driven up. Ask. Okay all right well let's move on Heidi you can leave the room please a get a to a suspect class. I'd like to thorough. Way I'll come help on our. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah you guys. OK I guess he's he can I think that if it during the Red Bull is a good start this. Acting regional. And I'm never Texan now but in the end.