Wednesday, May 16th

If you're starting a new job, Tom has some suggestions on what NOT to do on your first day..  


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A lot of times whenever you start a new job you're very nervous about it and you make a simple mistake yeah. There are some common ways that people screw up on their first few days at a job you know us possibilities and I thought you know. I still abilities. And that was not my first day wow you know they're really common for some people. That's kind of surprising path does most of them were things that you would only do if that was your first I disagree. Like for getting someone's name top topic I. I. That all the time on your own forgotten on someone's name downstairs in the sales department and I have a reason for it I had that illness sir I can't associate people's faces and their names Patrick's day. He remembers the names he just don't know which he named beached the Ghost Whisperer I addressed it to the wrong. But on grass in this when you forget someone's name on the first day yes and many years after apparently. I do commonly called. Face blindness but there is the technical name for it 20 that's hard at her now letting yourself off the hook I used our guys. You don't have that Tom I do have that and I used to invest time in learning someone's name and caring about its frost so tagged notes he had and probably the bid biggest thing about this this face blindness is that people think the you don't wanna invest the time tiller yeah I that's not true the rangers' does and associated faces and chaos Obama nominated I don't know what it really upsets me that you argue with me about this. He's he's clicking on OK well I I've I've missed that people's mainstay but not all the time. They would have its own network which on the board. Okay and some of the other ways that people screw up on their first few days at a job. This is one that could happen any time and that is sending an email to every line one of those reply alls and you don't realize that. And you're like. Saying something bad about someone who's in the email. That's never fines and now there's really no way to get out of that except to say you were joking around and you knew they see it. Qaeda since just kitten. Yeah I've had a meeting about my emails I just spending I'm not allowed this in the neither in my locker file anymore. History folks another thing is going to the wrong place so you're supposed to show up at a certain area and you go to a different area that experience on the first day or Tuesday air ride and you can't find the bathroom. And so that's not what they're talking about that means great dunk in the bathroom and what happens on moment to compete be life it is too late thank you know how hot. Another thing is showing up to under draster over dressed for the job. It's hard to be over dressed. I mean if you show that tuxedos. To. Manual labor job probably so but most of the time over dressing is safer than under dress apparently were good at under dressing right. And also they said something stupid because of their nerve just me. And today nourished. I suggest that Russia still happens. And for me. And also they put their foot in their mouth because of a conversation. Or during a conversation and they showed up late because of traffic Tom. Well it. Today. You show played all the time. Well that's just concede that this was what they do on their first day 81 few days or what is it about many years into the job and and things it's all of us I mean I he really is because I am. Late and wants him Ross and while. Traumatic is that if your server and you. You keep something in and it's just comes out like it's a 4000 dollar dinner and that makes you nervous would that make you nervous. Let us through what you're even talk to stay focused on buttons and you come up with some crazy. You know bill for the customer need to get the manager nearby us and I'm are you relating your past experience out. You Heidi I'll leave that prevention and kind of aren't you lucky. It's he hit it.