Thursday, April 12th

What do you think are the top 5 pets that people own?  BTW, Tarantulas actually made the list...

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Yes it was national pet day Annapolis of the top five pits of people on the court you probably know the number one pit of people it's dogs dogs number one said. Cats number two. Finish also mention really are fished pats. ER I mean these days even though you came home. Yeah. Aquarium when you go to the end not near the aquarium. Look at you okay birds also mention. Yeah there's little long time and hamsters and journals were number five. Yeah and I had hamsters in Verona is you have the top ten list are just the top five. Is that the top ten and there's some weird ones that come after the those okay like tarantulas and step now is let's say some honorable mentions OK I consequences which I thought snakes intra trying to as both weird ones yes. Actually actually is again that's kind of like snake RF fish I don't know if they really care about you if you can go. Coming here. Then that bad if they would EU. Given the chance I don't know dog if I'm if you Daiei and it's starting in mighty you're dead body in Jiang but most dogs won't eat you while you're still alive. A snake might would eat you while you were still alive that's not a good. You know what's more dangerous than snake. Bees. Yeah. There are people or kill each year from b.s then from snakes justly to. A lot of animal facts here allergies some people are really allergic to these things. Okay now I've held a while ago 72% of dogs automatically do this when their owner does. What do you think it is. You on and on. I can't say about shot that wants hurt my back coach art and it is at. I come from yawning. Now how do you do that can't say Monroe it was Johnny get a job does not carpet ski and I have to. I'll ask they're wrong it sounds like you do know that he was doing okay 20% of dog owners their dog has helped him get through a difficult break up. I was younger yes and I I remember laying with my dog out in the back ports. Area and just and you know pet my dog Indy Lights you know. Low and no one else understands but you know you're here for now I'll talk to dog Condo before today so yes but you Angel. Yeah what people have an acute. I didn't think my dog understood yeah I just thought he would listen to me well 80% of darkness it would be a deal breaker if their romantic partner did not like to pick it absolutely has to be higher than that whatever I met my wife. The fact that she loved my dog was a good. Sign for us Jiang. Let's see. Dog owners again they say if you want to send our said that sometimes. They skipped social occasions to hang out with the dogs did people. Yes I'd rather do that at times today. On to the cats cat owners seeing themselves as being more creative and are nearly four times as likely to work in a creative field. Dog owners tend to earn more money. Good. OK guys died family members by marriage. That are in the cats today and I see them as odd balls I mean they're all talking about look my caddie hid behind my shirt today or whatever and I'm thinking in your cat doesn't even like you that's another animal that would EU is because the extra yeah they were a little bigger they would hurt you. Gang all you know all large cats eat people hooked a cheetah is the lions tigers now. That these are just smaller ones that can't eat you know more. Well if it. Owners are more. Are more likely to enjoy hobbies like reading writing and gardening dog owners like more sports related stuff and dancing. In other words cat owners like things you can do alone because they are. And dog owners like things you do what other people look as they are okay. I'm not biased you're yeah. I'm gonna get the birds and this year when I was little kid at a burdening PD. Loved that bird flu Albania. Door one day he didn't meet them next as they didn't know him you know that birds they don't even have you free throws. Really do we have to bring out whether they have like famous singers. You're ready for Franklin. Ellington's why are you telling houses and that they did not fan when when you see that on your car that's not that it's altogether that the com. You go to become a supersize my downtown. I injuries and you've obviously. Dive natural causes it's likely either ran into window or something you know they've been all that it you don't ever see Burgess here. Like married okay that's because you live in the wild and things eaten them and I now I don't know about you might be weird and seminaries did he try to communicate when the birds come out. Yeah I. I was fortunate liberal whistle and you. I. OK it's up to no I. Us and and guess which line as the birds never use my car I'm just saying okay as we are friends and finally goldfish they don't have stomachs distillate you know. In this early Pittman aboard this on the Discovery Channel. A single well fart can fill up 2000 blends well let's allow whale whale whale like a big blue whale. Okay. And again it's something we did not need that bit guilty they had Yury thrifts bit imagine you know in the next birthday party. It's important and you get the fullest that's all right I get the oil business. And I did another blow a hole through. Though the wealthy kid be considered yeah. I only guide I think I learned about birthday parties from this I knew I'm not inviting to my Nick's kids burn it worked yeah. I.