Friday, June 15th

Tom has some Father's Day history that you've probably never knew.  Listen and learn.

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As we get ready to celebrate fathers' day I would like to take a moment to look back on. Father's Day history. And just to let people know about the difficult road that we went down to actually get a Father's Day preach on Tom Ridge on most people don't know this but we've had Mother's Day for much longer than we had Father's Day and it was a difficult road to get Father's Day enacted them. Now it originally started in 1910. And whenever a young woman was at church with her dad on Mother's Day and she thought why don't we have a holidays for dads that's like this deal. And she started talking to the lawmakers in the state of Washington and she was able to get Father's Day passed in Washington. On July 19 1910. Good. Unfortunately. Father's Day would not become a national holiday for another sixty years why. He bothers just. Kept down men and all of always suffered this kind of Oprah. A long after women were voting they're still was no Father's Day. And that's just a sad thing if you think about it. It wasn't until 1972. That President Nixon. Declared it an official holiday the one good thing heated. I understand I had an official since 1914. Dollar cash in so calm we've waited a long time for this. Father's Day is the force the fourth most popular holiday for greeting cards behind which holidays to you thing nailed on Tuesday these guys saying. Columbus they obviously. So Valentine day as Christmas that's right Christmas valentines Mother's Day and then. Father's Day fourth of July and then Columbus that in England yeah I it's you immediate. Give official flower of Father's Day he had any idea. Something lying. The Lilly a daisy a cactus. I was thinking in navy it was just to plants. But. It is actually the rose. Hall has special meaning selling them red rose to signify the your father is living in a white grows if your father has passed away. That's kind of interesting. I wonder what the flower is from Mother's Day you think of rose would be from mother it's the course on she wears to church resolutely. Or what is that thing it's carnation. Vote carnations I think it's different. And we got orchid we always got my mom and orchids religion yeah. That we define. And killer whale. We wiggled her you're a Florida court and I was thinking of the pest control or can. Half. Dollar Yates and mom. Also the official gift of Father's Day. That Ty Law dates back to 241. DC before rise. When China's first emperor and his terra cotta army were discovered in each sculpture was wearing a necktie. And so as far back as 200 years before Christ as we're getting crappy Father's Day miles south there was an Indian but we were still getting trapped against America. Forgetting ties and that could really change in my you know we've focused on Mother's Day we say this all the time in you know Father's Day is just kind of like the goal line. Drag it. Like you know the data card he's good yeah I mean you know every Mother's Day I gotta go out nature is my kids horrible remember Mother's Day. I well I make sure they get my wife's and them guys you have to do that and then it's like for me I don't get nothing special called lesser mayor Horrow why it takes to kids that does something with his go to lunch I mean I love it out of doorknob after lies that's all I don't get a gift to the means that should really. I guess that they appreciate you more or on your dad or dad or Heidi. Is just horrible on me. Army means. Well I gotta say I'll post a blog about Father's Day and Harkin Tom on B 97 dot com and one of the top team gifts was a nice dinner out so you're getting one of the top team gives bothers well. And today I would like to have that hands electronics. Car speaker. That would I would like a Smart ones. On the list sorry I would like is Smart co host. I'm gonna happen either have to. After that.