Wednesday, June 20th

How many extracurricular activies do you kids participate in?  Is it too many?  Find out..

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I assure parents out there. You know what you're showing off Archie is saying you kids and extracurricular activities and in my fifty pound now. A cigarette and activities outside of school hours can make kids well rounded as long as you don't overdo it. In an evening. As far as extracurricular activities. Okay yeah we try to do at least one school year. I don't get into that whole extra curricular activities Lilly and they say extracurricular activities are dominating family life especially for families with more than one child. Then you have these damn lazy do the traveling sports science and god bless that I hear and they're like well we're going to Myrtle Beach for Jamie's baseball turn that we got to go to Athens Georgia for Johnny's baseball tournament you know like. No no no no no new. Expensive and time consuming. So but are you gonna tell your kids know when they say Al I'm really wanna do this year's event turned this. Extracurricular. Activity I eat. Just back from Charleston on firm root root X cube competition. That was one roof excuse kaput but I think it one more note he's like me does that once he's and a half I got out I. Well I think it's parents' fault they're the ones initiating the organized. Activities and the reason they do that they wanna show that there are good parent feeling so you know appeared. And timid and I'm intimidated influenced by the pants thing you know my kids got this this in this now mind get this one. I think that's odd because sometimes I think these parents get a bad rap from other people they're like Charlie all you're doing this traveled to these sporting events what about teaching your kids how to learn in school and what how come. The sporting events more important and study and for his grades and stuff that's not necessarily the case for some of these traveling say that I said this. These people or supposedly doing this to be look like good parents but they actually get criticized by a lot of people for doing it. And I'd like to know these are two working parents are as this where the dad works in the mom stays at home and has time to do all these for this running around. And I know families where the mom and dad those urges constantly running their kids these things and I like you said more power RT if you do it but not me I'm lazy I do my daddy didn't show team my baseball games OK I do you go to my kid's baseball game it's because I'm he had to work much time so mom mom aunt Sheila and use yeah on the directory my Edwin Edwards early you know there are umpire my dad went early to work so we get home in time to come to our baseball games. And I in the cannot say it turned out. Yeah yeah implant based on play baseball that was a couple times. Not Alice my sport. Well they say it's a strain on energy resources like patents. And because it costs a lot give them all the hockey equipment yen and then I harsher on his on his way and then find out they're playing based laws they got to take all the hockey equipment sell it at a loss and get baseball equipment they say it also puts a strain on the family relationships because they are trying to do all the scheduling and get the kids to dance class into writing class and you know baseball and you know recite it's these are some well rounded kids. The ones I'm just Scranton yeah okay who. But they say did. Although you know it puts strain on the relationships it is good for kids but don't overdo it too much. In what we've done we've decided just do their extra great curricular activities are ipads. You learn a lot and I've got him enrolled in soccer physics. This is an app and it is like did you guys just bounce around kick the ball there's no. There's actually no physics. Well there is physics involved but it's just it's can slop it's not a learning tool it will I mean if you wanna. Yet jump around kick about BO will and sometimes they laid down on the field. And coming up soccer basketball it it's new app just came council's. Think enrollment that soccer basketball I'm sorry busy sock a basketball physics. Yeah. Does that like soccer basketball might be an interest in sport only kick in the goal yeah write about them because it has their hands. Wow. But only judging me. I thought I. Tell you this if they come I was soccer basketball I ain't taking my kids all over the country did yeah. And and three Mets I was over my kid would design one of those apps that we would never have to work again. But it is lazy you are never gonna happen no ride and I don't you tell them I'm like I cargo wouldn't be just lazy Asia and throw baseball. She had taken. Hot hot hot hot hot.