Friday, May 11th

Tom tells us of a school's new rule about the cheerleading squad..  Listen and see if you agree.


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You guys accused me being a know it all and thinking that I am always a rights. Rob I sometimes. I wish I wasn't right. I wish I hadn't been right over the years whenever I predicted the doom and disaster to our world that this whole. Idea of timeouts instead just make teens and everyone gets treated the same whether they did anything different or not. Like whenever two people are fighting in one of them started the other person just defended themselves but they both get suspension. Out back. I predicted that was gonna destroy our world and then now it's coming shrill. There's a story today and east Hanover New Jersey about a school that has passed in new rule when it comes to the cheerleading squad. They've made a new rule that everyone who tries out for cheerleading. Gets to be a cheerleader. And there's no. I think it's. Please. Oh yeah that was his off the team. This happened whatever they had tryouts that Morris County school and then after the try out some of the kids were cut from the cheerleading squad because the did not have the abilities are skills that were needed okay one of those parents complain that their child was not allowed on the cheerleading squad guys so the athletic director changed the policy and anyone who wants to cheer can be on the supply rise. Are you left and I'll tell you say. And the etiquette in that case I think every girl in the schools should should go out. To become that you really widest girls. Oil ministers you know want everybody always talks about cheerleading as a sport okay rye I you know everybody you play on the football. Theme right by not yet baseball team not yet. How many Olympic champions. We're may be left off the first Olympic team dominated the second time now the raise them laugh and Thomas as you're reading this I think about the panel of judges that would decide I know I you'd think now that we're deciding who is guilty on the cheerleading squad hawk and I were once what does judges now I think it does when the green program now is agreeable group I think it was a basketball pain there is 11 of those teams it's been here and gone now. Between we're in charge of with a panel of judges to judge the cheerleading squad there was one girl got up in a ditch and we still quite European drop. When they get out to do their routine drag and this girl she tried to do these moves that the the girls then they would take way and they attach their toes of this guy they will hold their hands straight out front Lebanon and jump out and actually touched their toes to their hand Seles had to look at it I guess. Down yeah. So I think it's brilliant it's good I promise yeah okay. Oil rig a mafia plot and there was one girl with regard she jive yesterday's rally in the you look. It was a lot different than what the other girls have done and again in this dead silence on the I'll demonstrate what I did unlike. I'm sitting there and I'm like oh my god who's laughing matter and I look over and it's hawk. I don't hold it back has been as me but it was it looked like a Saturday now lives yet I mean it was that ban. Hawkins whole billing it as poor girl who is trying her hardest. Flushing at a town Nash as a daughter and try aperture really set I want my daughter on the navy's I guess. I ask her a McDonald's giant you know wine there's obviously different levels of expertise in this guy area well he can't just say everybody. Don't be a cheerleader you know we've had the debate over whether cheerleading is this border not many times and if it is a sport then you should be able to cut the people who are qualified and sort of just came in a minute ago is talking only about this. As shorty said that one thing too is these girls have to catch the girls when they're thrown in the air if they're not qualified him that night. Then that's dangers of the other players is put them on the bottom. Oh in the bottom of the parent my daughter's always on the bottom she's never on the top of me OK do rule anyone can be on the top. Body on top yeah Andrew what a zealous lovely structure that pyramid in half because some of them all right. Says some of the parents complained to the principal the principal said I'll disband the whole squad if you don't like it. So that it's all basically said we're gonna do it this way and if you don't like it. We're gonna be inclusive and that's just too bad so the school standing by the decision to allow everyone who wants to each year to participate. So they can be inclusive. Dies of zoo now he's not doing that with the football team declared. You're doing it with a cheerleading team he's not right now anyway and you can't vote what's to say you can't stand before you know it they won't be any room to play a football game on the football though it is still have eleven players but you just have to wrote and all they got its leaders have. I Letterman. Somewhere I mean there's none of room on the football player I disagree with you I think that's the next logical step aside I think gets his stack or what's the point me to do it to prove out our allies as it's an anybody Chara being in the band that. Kind of a mess with happy I don't I don't I kind of say that I Malta oh okay and Dave Wright gets a trophy case when exactly that's what we're it is our started you out there that's what I told everyone in the beginning this is where this would go. So where you think it should is started with the mother who set the child down and that I know you're crying hysterically but tiny. You just did make. ET we go that's where it should start it how IE but the since she wasn't able to do it someone else's debt that is said you know man your daughter wasn't quite ready for this. Why don't you teller to go back and try harder for next year. They cannot be on board with the is that if you if you think of guess here as centers the here's why because you know these are right there in the mr. football team's gonna go on other things before and it's gonna affect the workplace. Everybody gets a race. Everybody gets a bonus. On board. There's a problem with your plan on the explain it seal later yeah because no one would get a raisin alone and about well a guy like remember the movie where. Morgan Freeman played guide horse gun and go. Half line. He forgets these RL Steve Carell to go route I'll diamonds Bruce almighty tea he let everyone when the lottery and they all got elected dollar 78. That's what all happened really hawks play and we'll all get bonuses and raises obvious fifties I W a bit richer. A copy yeah not darva yeah.