Friday, July 20th

Hawk asks if we have ever stood up a date....have you?  Listen and find out which of us have stood someone up..

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One question I have for you now moved on each year have you ever stood someone up on a day. I think all of us have at some point or another I don't think. I'm not sure having him. It is that like getting a headache at the last minute and are not as Alex. I've done that kind of where I just called it the last second I'm like I'm not going to be able to make it and try to make up some lame excuse really it happened to me with a girl you knew hawk okay that red -- girl who told me to make it a special night and not just a dinner and movie and I she was high maintenance while fighting I don't on their way out whether or not I don't know but she says seemed like I was gonna have to put to its effort OK guys so that's why you came out with excuse well I had planned to taker for dinner and a movie oases like do something better than dinner and movie I was like well crap my idea wasn't good enough he should have done a movie Indian dinner I didn't think had a reverse it just I'm Kate ought to calls you know what I do -- yeah. Yeah. That employee I thought you know trying to kill without ideas like go on top of the you know like the rooftop of house. And what was the stars and eat there's always did try to think it's definitely finally gave up and decided that was stupidity on his collar and veils but only the latter you get on top you ever fueling a blanket on the don't have like him you know late night picnic up there and you look at the stars. You're not get me honoring I don't wanna go on her roof I don't like kites. We were at Florida there's a million mosquitoes and also measure the angle the roof and I decided we wouldn't stay up there that I. Though that's I callers said hawk and I try to think it's up to an end I I got nothing penalty kill him who's give up on top of this I'd just like conduct in Nigeria exactly but I'm very surprised Tommy didn't count for something GGI you don't know me is because you think acted well -- -- tell us that you're so Romeo and I am Romeo but this is that you know what a morning hitting it offended me because I had planned this nice day nice restaurant and then as the movie that I thought she would enjoy and so it insulted me. She is laid don't play on what you already have planned I'm like well then I think I'll go with somebody else hockey's Ford tonight. I always had fun on I'm not the I like asking yeah awful place with a 69% of people say they've never did anyone compliment and think of them lasted so when upon day well Ali on even if I didn't polio or if I had hit makers and I was selected because I made up already as the person. The mile and I don't think I ever stood he would up on a date that I was actually you know like OK without calling her head it's time. But it's most guys are so happy to get a date we're not likely to stay in Zora body in now women I that you are most of that 69%. True I'll stand up friends you know the system out with friends now Colin I'm going on out so yeah Reno's call it is is that standing where is standing up for you just don't show I've done it time. I think she's installing a jam artist and will not die down. They say 14% people says they've done and at least once stood them up on day 7% they do it several times and I'm going wants remain and in the survey also found a younger someone is the more marketing artists skip out on a day. It's weird. Okay that's when your your most driven to find somebody. You know like you hormones are going crazy and you're excited that someone of the opposite gender. Than good you don't want you got a lot going on your mind have someone else that you were in Sudan. That's now that's if you've got so much going on you got to and you got to juggle well I ever had that problem. It's. From day. Well and Heidi you know I think you should be a little bit. Nicer to tong online you're so mean you really you know why would just because your column now because he can come with an idea and that was many years ago he has changed now he's and the way the what why he's become radio Romeo is because some of the mistakes he's made the pass he's learned from us. As senseless like lamp on and we come up with the idea. As to spur of the moment of something days that's a little bit different. Than glad to have dinner and movies. Thank you next. What else. The size of picnic. I would only with Heidi there snakes bowling bowling is not exciting cooking lesson Oman together I mean is scheduled cooking lesson in two days. Cooking classes and hours. Gone roller skating Tom ago and it's food. OK I don't. It does yeah. A drive through and put enough I would have known over the break they get a big hit it has to go back in time it takes that day.