Thursday, March 8th

After boarding a plane, one guy realized he was on the wrong flight...so, he opens the emergency exit and jumped down the inflatable slide.  But...was he on the wrong flight?  Listen and find out..


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I just told you the other day. An unusual all business. Venture where man decided to have people pay 56 dollars. And he. For that 56 dollars will let them get on a plane had to sit down not eat crappy airplane for didn't. Dick brand in the middle seat between two people that were overweight escalation and yeah. And a whole time they never took off. Make this war virtual reality goggles and it was for people who couldn't afford to fly which is crazy now they have a legions of us. I think Allegiant has flights for less than 56 dollars. But in this pretend plane it was supposed to let people or pretend plane flight let people experienced flying that couldn't afford it. Uncanny I thought it was a dumb idea until I read the news today. May not be such a dumb idea after all may be some people need a trial run on a fake plane first I think so people we kids especially. Didn't hear those people never learn not Saddam Hussein's most kids they get scared in like you like you know you want kids become law before you take the real plane that was me. And I did the best I could I my son was so excited about flying it was like three or four years old. And so we're sit there on the runway and I had him over so we can look out the window seat as soon as we started going up in the area looked at me any. Are you going. Dowell and how how can and I'm like oh boy could what do you do you can't put your hand over is now just apple look down on you for that yet appellant Sanaa. I'm talking a little bit the common down and shut the windows so they couldn't see anymore and in distracted in Winston staff but he was all excited ahead of time so I had no idea that he would suddenly go way too high and you get back on the ground. But for this guy here today I think he should it may be done a couple of trial runs before he actually flew. This is a 25 year old man he was going from New York to Tampa so from New York to Florida on Sunday. He got on the plane and then right before it took off. He started yelling I'm on the wrong fly I'm on the wrong fly so he did what any of us would do and that's that you hate. He yanked open the door and jumps down the inflatable slide. That's what out Madonna was banking right. Gone on a flight to end up in the wrong place I know and another plane and go to the right play you'll earlier low usually view learning new ride. And fortunately. That apparently isn't the right thing to do because. They say that Saddam when that happens they have this board or keyboard the entire playing more. Everyone had to get off and take another plane because it apparently takes a wilder read pack and all that safety stuff in Wales. No it's like when you go to the Beijing ball kid stuff and you know you blow the lone dragon in the little dog goes ran their belly and it takes forever to get those things back bill all the air bag yeah well like an emergency slide on a plane you know so on is one half an Emmy as close of like dad boy are yeah I like. All right did I mean there are ways to that faster now but on a plane you have to put all that stuff back in with the proper ISO 9000 garbage and it has to be is sealed off with a properties and actions and all that is the people on the plane get on top of the blow the air through. All back and forth yeah actually have a hot hot hot. Yeah I do that session overreaction and what kind of guy is this an immediate because he was on the right writes Obama. He wasn't even on the wrong flight now he misses sliding got taken to jail everyone else was delayed for hours. And he is being charged with criminal mischief criminal trespass and interference with mass transportation. So he's gonna get in a war on it drop out and any misses light and it he wasn't even on the wrong flight to begin way finish at. Let him just Lu slowly other passengers that. Now I know are delayed haven't read more another fly and probably two missed their flight connecting flight and I city yet just let him law off on that plane and then that's cruel than usual planets. Or it would be any way it is now is the reason I really thought this is interesting is because. I just wonder how many of us have ever had that moment on the plane where you thought for a second that you needed to get off have where you just like yep that bad feeling. No now we were sitting on a tarmac for three hours a kid that was different it up about every hour and go out. Yet delayed about our alligator ten hours and four slaughtered in variety and done they finally put us on the plane about 2 o'clock in the morning. And everyone sitting and they say you know that's good I just I. I just got up and I got off that plane are you joking no I'm not kidding and I stayed in Fort Lauderdale you flip this thing out you made a little no I didn't get on the slide darnit. Do you go next. Policy. The only time I really thought that I needed to be off that plane. We were RD up in the air so I didn't act on that and yeah. I know I had one time we were taken off from the plane's engines didn't sound right to me and I really thought about I thought we're gonna crash and I should've stood up and said something now I finally called the stewardess ever I said. I feel very uncomfortable about the way the engine sounds and she's it. We're going back to the gate right. I was like thing. You know this I would never get off a flight especially if I thought it was gonna go down because have you seen. Final destination because debt to still come after you wish you get out of that is going to be way more interesting how you guys that time no but you running for your life. Throughout the whole how to lose you those movies they've done they can like drop plates of glass on number they get hit by a bus its way cool currently running for our lives from just right now. I don't know I'm just walking very slowly okay well there you go folks are uplifting your story for the morning talk courtesy Heidi. Hey go and yeah I don't like it you're not only honest where's the dollar and am I. I got a lot of good I want off if I. Would get out of here work going nuts.