Tuesday, September 18th

Edwin McCain stops by the B93.7 studio to talk about his show...and his life of being a father..

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We're doing now though McCain today. Yeah and then. And what we're going to be talking to you about your show coming up but first let's ask a few family questions how old are your kids now twelve. Twelve and nine. Mom and I see that's father's look is he's like oh god it without you are there question a thousand yards there are no my oldest is twelve and then my middle son is seven years. Seven mindless young daughter Leah and their and those two. Are totally Mattie hall right now in as I did drop them off the middle school early here I had to vote through all of you under the bus it was not amazed how they listened. Cruise's Hawkins harm small. To go to early drop off exact thing I blame them for everything around here it is happening we understood at this point in his parents' day did the scapegoat is like one of the greatest things you can happily goes on aid is making you do this I talked to the federal government's argument the drop off for the kids sometimes when you and now obviously I did every and pick up every day on the area. Ask okay well it's funny you mentioned the scapegoat because this story is so I think every parent can identify with this. But some I I know that for me whenever I have my kids and if we go to any thing where there is like. Arcade or those machines with the claw. My kids want to try to win the claw game every time it doesn't matter how many times I tell them it's rigged and you are that away and they'll bring up that one time that they won at fifty cent ball for three dollars again and say you're trying to talk and now did that well in the news now and is gone viral as this video of a guy who's stuffed his daughter into one of those machines. And it's one of the machines that actually has the little scissors and the wire on it. And has like Nintendo's which is in Iowa phones and and really good prizes and it. It's another cops are trying to catch this guy because he put his daughter in the machine let her hand and now all these great prizes and hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of prizes mean and as a parent part of me is panel right. Yeah yeah and finally gotten to know what they're part of me is also like hey that's stinks I didn't do it he shouldn't get to do it either that's part of I mean I'm. I am not I suppose there's damage you don't play him which part of. View it says it's dis honest and it's illegal and it's stealing that's what I kinda set on the sect. I was we're all those morals that's her. Well I mean. Yeah admittance and want to know can crawl out of a much how to get in there in the first place it's like a mandatory. You know paying zine. I've I have the same moments where like Al dol I'll correct them for whatever sudden they're doing then I'll hear him in their resume talking about me and bit that I'm stand out there thinking yeah fight the man. Blaming it on my weight I'm the man okay I find it really hard to split my. Kids because I'm like OK great example my daughter my wife is Indian bugged by my daughter to get something called a Kelly. Something and and it's it's basically what it looks like it'll telephone cord. And there it can be a bracelet or can be here wrap. So my wife goes and gets a packet before these for eight bucks and brings it home in my daughter's like. Mom those aren't the tele curly bring and they're not arrived Brantley and my allies like it looks exactly the same and I'm like honey you know that we did this you know we told our parents that's not the name that's not the right line so I'm all right and inside a lightweight is against my money minute profit miss likes instead of the nice guys that. I. But I mean I do I find myself so often identify and when my kids. I I think you this is the part where where I'd I'd call my father who's now 84 via tango. We're Wyndham is supposed to feel like an adult. Well I don't know when where why and he's like lower unit view like an adult and I go all the all that crap and high school in the by laws that make an adult. Well we're doing now why does Megan and not doing so well naked and out I keep doing it wrong that I mean I feel like billiard given them an inside right like listen sometimes definitely the best answer to him is hey I don't know. The public that this figure this offer cells Slaton but let's try to figure out a way. Where everybody can be kind and respectful India and I figure out that way and stuff you're kid into the twice and get all the guys is that it's time that I write this down because that was not what happened. Problems. I can now say sometimes mine sent millions and and he always calls me house I'm like you know. He was in trouble is the nine I'm like you know parents know what you think. And he's like OK when Timothy and I hope you don't do that that's. Like I've taken steps that you're thinking about. That he basically put. No I'm not tell if I'm wrong. That help you also have used to have your monitors in your rooms like we still have the baby monster. To hear what they talk about. Oh my god called I mean if there if there. If their court orders they still baby monitors era I. Well it would take a mountain when you know they turn thirteen or 141. And oh yeah how Holst a whole other set of cameras yeah. I. We have the cameras in the basement and but it did. Win the wind. The fort night. I'll yelling and I get so well that in the fact that third. Draining the financially by turning real money into virtual money I virus is our job. My son we actually moves the computer in our bedroom so that he can only play when we're with him watching because you know he's had a he's already had one person I'm pretty sure was playing some kind of weird games I was older than they said they were. And he's pretty cautious of that but even he'll get a lot of these fifteen euros that are casts and and he knows he's not play they like us is so he'll go. Hey I can't play with you if you cuss and then they'll be like our Euro would say I can't believe this and I'm like get rid of them how old. In my son's eleven. A cake in the public about parent all the sudden well it sounds like the bottom of the ship in World War II in my basement my it's obvious they knew each other girls that while that's creative that's. I have ever heard I've been on tour bus or to anybody here's an error that dominates and I heard some words. It's anymore gay young viewers on C home improvement and that's I I. I felt horrible lows amid an awful.